Keyable one cartoon to teach you to identify the electronic door lock level of security

by:DIgao     2020-08-06
In recent years, China's lock industry of new product development, in terms of product technology, or in terms of products, are improved. For nearly five years, according to our integrity lock industry to develop new products, many companies have developed many new products, such as fingerprint locks, hotel smart locks, etc. , the electronic door lock in the domestic high-end market share reduced year by year. Should the quantity system of electronic lock industry has reached the demonstration program, should develop to high-grade, high technical content of the lock, and part of the enterprise should from the low level of price war, to carry out a new round of technological competition. According to the electronic door lock manufacturers found some shops selling unlock tool specification, there is still a big hole. According to the production standards of our country mechanical locks, set up two security level, class a and class b. The grade a for primary security level, cannot be used as security with outdoor door; B as the highest level of security, b level standard production of electronic locks can be called the anti-theft door locks, can only be used for anti-theft security locks with outdoor use. Locks ( Lock) Is the heart of the locks, locks the stand or fall of quality and performance is an important symbol of discriminant locks quality directly. Electronic door locks installed, just locks at the edge of the door. Locks is the first important guard against foreign invasion, so, when choosing anti-theft lock, we must first know distinguish the quality and performance of locks. B anti-theft locks characteristics: there is drilling, drilling; Main body should use brass locks. B a anti-theft lock outside body thickness: lock body shell thickness shall not be less than 2. 0 mm. 1, viewed from the outside, anti-theft locks is mainly composed of locks, drilling, drilling, etc. 2, from the point of view of materials, qualified electronic door lock anti-theft locks should be made from brass locks.
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