key card lock

by:DIgao     2020-05-28
This structure is created to meet the project requirements of the University of South Florida, Ma Kaiku (www. makecourse. com)
This Instructable will detail how to make a key card access lock that can be connected to a refrigerator or drawer.
Simply place the access card on the sensor and the lock will open.
Arduino UnoMotor ShieldStepper bread plate battery and battery connector button rfid key card module for hardware storage First, it is necessary to print all parts in 3D.
You will need to print the mounting bracket, pin, shaft, gear and cover.
Use the schematic diagram above to 3D design the part with Inventor.
Draw in this order. 1. Cover2. Pin3. Shaft. 4. Gear5. Mount6.
By placing the shaft in the hole designed for it, Bracketket connects the motor to the lid with two screws and sticks the shaft to the gear.
The shaft should then slide through the holes on the lid and stay on the motor.
Cut the tape and paste it in the white place in the photo.
Slide the pin through the hole into the stationary position.
The lid, gear, shaft and motor shall be glued to the top.
Follow the wiring diagram with these instructions.
RFIDSDA pin 10SCK to pin 13MOSI to pin 11MISO to pin 12IRQ GRDRST without pin grd to pin 83. 3V to 3.
3VMotor ShieldStep motor is connected to B C, DIN1 is connected to pin 2IN2 is connected to pin 3IN3 is connected to pin 4IN4 is connected to pin 5 to 5 v-
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