jointed-arm robot handles insert loading and part removal. (injection molding: close-up).

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You don\'t see a complicated five every day. axis jointed-
Arm robot sitting on top of injection molding machine.
There are two John Robinson.
They are up to $50,000 per person and are a major investment in his company\'s Excel injection moldingmillion-a-
Customized molding operation, 14 30 to 500 tons of press.
Robinson, president of Excel, founded the company in Hattiesburg, Miss.
Seven years ago.
It is mainly mold parts for local customers in the medical, electrical and electrical industries.
Small does not prevent Excel from getting high marks
Technical approach to its business.
For example, Robinson notes that most of his projects use quick prototypes to evaluate part designs before using hard tools.
His company can provide rapid prototyping by using state services
Mississippi Institute of Polymer (MPI)
University of South Mississippi in Hattiesburg
Selective laser sintering of MPI (SLS)
Machines from DTM(now 3D Systems)
Production prototype with polymer powder
Robinson took the same high.
The technical method of automation four-cavity insert-
Forming Work of electrical parts.
Because this job uses Zytel HTN high from DuPont-
Temperature nylon, mold heated to 300 F.
\"I don\'t want someone to go in,\" Robinson said . \".
The robot is the obvious answer, but Robinson does not follow the standard threeAxis traversal-
Type part discharger.
He chose a more expensive montoman joint.
Arm robot, though it will be a little slower.
He said: \"I hope there is more flexibility in robot movement, and I like the high precision of five robots --axis robot.
\"The Motoman robot is installed on the fixed platform of the injection molding machine.
It picks up four inserts from the station next to the press, when the mold is opened, the robot first takes out the gate, then takes out four parts, and then it inserts for the next cycle deposit. One set of end-of-arm tooling (designed in-
Built the house with the help of some tool experts from nearby Sunbeam Corp. )
All of these features are allowed.
Finally, the robot stores the parts at the operator station and picks up another insert.
This work runs at 270-ton press.
The second smaller Motoman robot installed on 150-ton press.
The robot not only protects the operator\'s safety, but also keeps us in the loop, Robinson said.
\"Need to know more? Motoman Inc.
Sika, Ohio (937)847-6200, www. matoman.
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