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On last September, a hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon, killing more than 250 Americans and shaking American confidence.
More than 60 offices were destroyed by accidents and subsequent firesyear-
Old Defense facilities
South Indiana furniture company since October
The manufacturer helps the Pentagon\'s military officer
Equip dozens of new offices.
\"After September 11, the Pentagon rushed to need office furniture,\" Philip J . \"
Gramersparche, general manager, Jasper deskInc. , in Jasper.
\"We made a plan and a schedule and in seven to eight weeks we sent 670 units, including tables, conference tables, desks and filing cabinets.
We got everyone caught up by the end of December.
They are really gnashing their teeth.
\"Serve the Pentagon when they need it, which is the same as the lessons at Jasper\'s desk. Other high-
Last year\'s profile clients included first lady Laura Bush, who wanted a Texas state --
The fashionable desk of The West Wing renovation project and the use of its employees;
Vice President Dick Cheney asked for four executivestyle desks;
The head of the federal emergency administration, who ordered special desks for the federal emergency administration offices across the United States.
\"It\'s so exciting,\" gramercech said of filling out furniture orders for household-name customers.
\"We like to do this for them.
\"Jasper desks have been making office furniture for well-known politicians across the country for years.
President John F.
Kennedy often sits at Jasper\'s desk to sign the bill into law.
But Jasper Desk has far more customers than celebrities in Washington.
The company manufactures and ships desks and office furniture for corporate customers across the United StatesS.
Australia, Britain, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Germany.
\"We have been selling office furniture to Exxon for 45 years . \"
We are not a big company, but we can still process orders of any size, from $2 million to several professional units.
\"Starting with 1876 Jasper Desk, Jasper Desk claims to be the oldest wooden office furniture manufacturer in the United StatesS.
When the company was founded, it was the ELSs Brothers furniture company.
1876 in Jasper, Civil War hero Ulysses.
Grant is the president, and George Armstrong cast has yet to make his last appearance on the far-flung Little Horn Riveroff Montana. The U. S.
That summer, a group of German craftsmen were celebrating its 100th birthday, who recently immigrated from Black Forest to Jasper and started making tables, wooden homes and office furniture at 415 East Sixth Street
Grameispacher is a fifth generation family member who works in the company.
In the 1880 s, Jasper\'s entrepreneurs, John geshpasche, Sebastian Kubler and Frank Joseph, bought the Allen brothers.
As there was a large amount of white oak wood around Dubois County, the company decided to focus on office furniture instead of home furniture.
Joseph and John Heim applied for a dust patent.
In 1890, the proof rolltop desk became the company\'s best seller for many years, and in the 20th century, the company sold a very popular typewriter.
Rolltop tables are mainly made for factory offices, and shop assistants can close rolltop to protect the contents from sawdust and soot.
Until 1963, Jasper\'s desk was working on a rolling desktop desk, and the company still customized it
A few special flip desks are made every year.
In 1900, the company shipped more than 1,000 desks to U. S. customers every monthS. and Europe.
By then, the company\'s desk was so popular in the UK that it ran a sales room in London to showcase its merchandise.
Although the original shops and warehouses were long gone, the company still occupied the same piece of land that the Allen brothers began to furniture --
Manufacturing Company in 1876.
From 1889 to 1913, the company was called Jasper furniture and desk.
But after 1913, the company was named after Jasper Desk.
For a long time, its desk has been welcomed by professionals including doctors, lawyers, bankers and upper class
Hierarchical management of large and medium-sized enterprisesA large company
After the start of the business in 126, maybe people will consider self-sealing.
But this is the farthest from Phil gramercech\'s idea.
Jasper elspacher, a native of Jasper, 1977 Purdue University graduate, returned to Jasper\'s desk after working at Jasper Wood products two years ago
\"My family has been involved since Jasper Desk,\" he said . \".
\"I am a member of the board and this requires more personal attention.
So I moved here in the March 2000 s.
Jasper Desk now has about 125 employees and the company is still privately held.
\"We are vertically integrated . \"
\"We dry the wood ourselves and we make our own finishes.
Most of our raw materials are hardwood flooring from Indiana and hardwood flooring from Indiana, Kentucky, southern Ohio and southern Illinois.
\"Many employees of the company, like gramercech, are third-place --and fourth-generation.
\"We can make a special unit,\" Grameispacher said . \".
\"We think this is one of our niche markets.
Many people don\'t want standard products now.
We were there and said yes.
We do anything there for anyone.
The Grammy Awards point out, \"there is always pressure on prices in the office --
Furniture market.
The office furniture market is quite mature.
We do business for customers of any size.
We tend to focus on high.
But we know we have to have one. between line.
\"Just like the company\'s predecessor started making tables for the company at the time --
Prior to 100, Jasper Desk was working on a production line that could be customized
Electronic office equipment today.
Jasper Desk is currently designing office furniture that will refer to the electrostatic discharge system or the Grammy teacher as ESD.
\"It\'s basically a special kind of crushing board that helps eliminate static electricity,\" says gramersparche.
He pointed out that static electricity will destroy hundreds of millions of dollars worth of computers and electronic equipment every year. \"Just 7-
\"12 volts can destroy a computer,\" he said . \"
\"We are thinking about building them into workstations,\" said gramercech.
\"They are not expensive and may be converted to existing tables.
Grammy teachers think ESD workstations are just another different niche.
I think it will help us to strengthen our company.
We don\'t know its full potential yet.
\"Jasper Desk has survived and flourished for more than a century --and-a-
Because the company and its executives already have a vision to fill the niche with quality office furniture ---
From laptops to typewriters to ESD workstations.
\"Jasper desk is the oldest wooden desk manufacturer in the United States, but we have been looking for new products . \"
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