Iris recognition is face recognition biometric technologies such as fingerprint identification parade

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
In recent years, through the pay treasure to pay and pay WeChat payment has become indispensable in daily trading transaction means, pay for its fast and convenient and widely used by the public. But with the development of science and technology changes with each passing day, pay treasure to password and WeChat payment will eventually be replaced by brush face to pay. Now zhuhai yi sheng has launched payment system faces and the iris recognition, consumers only need to scan the face, such as identity information after the show, can complete the payment transaction. Without a credit card, wallet or phone. The whole process of trading is not exceed 5 seconds, the safe, efficient and convenient. After facial recognition technology belongs to the fingerprint identification is more high-end biological recognition technology, but it is still not accepted by the public, when people gradually accept emerging high-tech biological recognition technology will be universal access. Definition and classification of biological recognition biometrics is to point to by computer and optical, acoustics, biological sensors and biological closely combined with statistical principles and other high-tech means, using the human inherent physiological characteristics for personal identification technology, main can be divided into the fingerprint biometric recognition, face recognition, voice recognition, and iris recognition, etc. With the traditional way of password test way and swipe test compared to the biological recognition technology based on the uniqueness of people physiology and have no copy, can not be replaced, the characteristics of cannot steal more adaptable to the social demand for high security, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the user. Domestic biological recognition technology in the application of fingerprint recognition in biological recognition technology belongs to the relatively low security index of technology, but its application is the most widely, the first from the metal locks, access control, bank, safe to people a computer and mobile phone, now basically is embedded with the function of fingerprint identification. But as the security level to further improve, face recognition and iris recognition has been boarded the stage of history, continue to shine with the light of biometrics. Face recognition technology relative to the fingerprint identification technology, higher precision, faster recognition and deterrent rate, boomed from lower; And a contact way of identification. Its applicable to high security information field, the current face recognition is still in the market cultivation stage, its development space is quite broad, has attracted much attention in recent years. At present, face recognition is mainly used in the attendance management, attendance management in various medium enterprise diversification development situation, from the fingerprint attendance system to the present development of face recognition system of check on work attendance, the rising of biometric technology was put forward. Iris identification in terms of its safety, is currently the highest accuracy in biological recognition technology of a technology, it has a lifetime unchanged, no copy, etc. The zhuhai yi sheng electronic technology co. , LTD. , the iris and facial recognition metal lock door products are widely used in bank vault door, data center, command center, government, public security, prisons, customs, health, archives secrecy high level of security domain identification. Because of the iris recognition technology has not entered the mature stage of development, it is considered a & other; Black technology & throughout; , actually otherwise, iris recognition has a lot of application cases in reality, it is for the society contributes an own strength. Development trend of biological recognition biometrics as a sunrise industry in the 21st century, has already begun into all aspects of people's life work, with the constant improvement of the biometric recognition, its market potential will be quickly away. Furthermore, through the combination of biometric, is no longer limited to a single mode of recognition, it will be the development trend of various network, non-contact, multimodal biometric identification technology, combining the development of these technologies will inevitably bring the development of biometrics into to a new level.
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