Introduction to the PC/ABS plastic raw material of typical application areas

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Automobil metal clothes webex raw material is polycarbonate PC/ABS plastic hook and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer and the mixture, is made of polycarbonate ( Polycarbonate) And polypropylene ( ABS) Alloy and thermal plasticity plastic, combined with excellent properties of two kinds of material, ABS material formability and PC mechanical, impact strength and heat resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation ( UV) Such as nature, can be widely used in automotive interior parts, office machinery, communications equipment, household appliances and lighting devices. PC/ABS plastic hook has the combined characteristics of PC and ABS material. Such as easy machining properties of ABS and PC excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability. The ratio of the two will influence the thermal stability of PC/ABS material. PC/ABS this hybrid material also shows excellent flow characteristics. Reduction in. %. PC/ABS is a kind of mixing after synthesis by modified engineering metal clothes. Among them, the PC is polycarbonate, ABS is the acrylonitrile ( A) , butadiene ( B) And styrene ( S) The copolymer. The modified metal clothes is better than pure PC and ABS performance, such as impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness and so on. PC/ABS plastic hook the main raw material used in mobile phone shell, computer and business machines, electrical equipment, lawn garden machinery, auto parts, instrument panel, interior and wheel cover) 。
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