Introduces a metal coat hooks materials match colors method

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
Metal materials match colors method clothes hook color should first pay attention to the colours of the colorant, each colorants in addition to the essence of it, and their respective colors, namely to determine the standard color compared with existing secondary pigment, called light. Such as phthalocyanine green with yellow light, such as chrome yellow with red light. If chrome yellow and phthalocyanine green phase in the blend, must be avoided due to red light chrome yellow in the intervention, there is red, yellow, and blue sanki hue, make the color of worthy. So you would like to get bright colors, two kinds of colorant spell, attention should be paid to contradict the interference of light. When in the actual preparation is pure red, can use lithol scarlet and fast red shading blend, they are yellow, and blue ( Purple) Such as colored offset, at the same time adding white colorants in order to improve its bright degree.
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