Intelligent digital electronic door lock is imminent

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
With senior Chinese built increasingly added, intelligent digital electronic door lock for an imminent gun locks, in new housing market boom. Follow national macro-control of real estate, the strengthening of environmental protection knowledge, house prices gradually return to rational price, a new round of commercial competition focus will gradually nowadays, environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent, security, etc. , the real estate professional for advanced digital electronic door lock market demand increases day by day. According to understand, smart door lock planning with built-in radial clutch, progress of door lock shock load, make it more safe and reliable. And, intelligent locks also choose intelligent coding skills, resistance to strong light, cut power door lock, drop replacement door lock the frequency of the battery. Thousand layer in the lock high-end smart door lock has the security maintenance function, can largely ensure users to life and property safety. Based on query for discussion of physical access control market indicate that over 70% of end users and 80% of respondents from professional thought, in three to five years in the future, they expect to methods such as mobile phone, key card, label or credential card instead of the now traditional door lock. The query is further evidence that the intelligent lock market will usher in a seismic shift. Lock the professor indicates that the current national locks sales in more than 2. 2 billion each year. Only in a new generation of fingerprint lock, for example, according to the budget, including financial, military police, work and residence of commercial and civil market each year about 5 million sets of market demand.
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