Integrating door closer to an escort of public security

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Is worth to note is that the decoration of the commercial complex is more and more luxurious, now the products is more and more high-grade, but as a public place should ensure the safety of the most let a person produce doubt: the product quality whether pass a barrier? Security hidden danger existing in commercial complex received the attention they deserve? To install the door closers on doors, for example, some buildings in order to save costs and use of of inferior door closers or to have the damaged door closers & other; Turn a blind eye & throughout; Once, something unexpected happens, consequence is unimaginable. Door closer is a hydraulic device, such as spring, door head can through compressed released after when the door is open, the door automatically closed, as the effect of swing door, can ensure that the door is open, the accurate and timely close to the original position. High quality door closers can make the doors closed, when the fire broke out, give full play to its function, prevent the smoke and fire to enter; In fire doors closed state, also need not worry about external construction management personnel into the building interior, anti-theft functions, improve security. To onlen jie brand LCN launched door closers as an example, through the U. S. ANSIA156. Level 4 standard certification, through the U. S. UL10C fire certification, accord with standard of American ADA protection act for the disabled, withstand the test of international standards, in the emergency occurs as people strive for more time to escape; By the third party service life test 10 million times, suppose you need to use this door closers 1000 times a day, products can be used for 27 years, don't have to worry about when using accident.
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