installing bathroom door knob

by:DIgao     2020-06-20
You can buy this home door handle at Home Depot or any home improvement store.
This door handle is a basic bathroom handle that can be locked from the bathroom by pressing the button.
Check it out and make sure you have all the right things like the picture above.
Before installing the door handle, check whether the position of the door handle is correct, and whether the size and structure are reasonable.
All doors have this pre-made, don\'t worry, but it\'s good to check.
Is part of the door and will be placed in the middle hole of the door.
This is the reason for keeping the door closed and being able to open.
Slide the part in with the outside latch and latch until it touches the metal part where the screw is placed.
Take the smaller two of the 4 screws and place them in the holes at the latch and below.
Make sure that the metal plate on the outside of the inspection door is closely connected to the side of dorr and does not stretch out.
Here you need a starhead screw drive to properly install the latch.
Use a screwdriver to rotate the drive screws in a gentle clockwise direction until they can no longer turn.
The metal plate should be close to the door side and the surface is smooth.
In the picture, there are two knobs, one on the left for locking, which should be inserted inside the bathroom or the side of the door in order to be able to lock.
The other is the external door handle, which is only used to open and unlock through pin holes if needed.
On the outside door handle you will see how the metal rod or point exists.
This is to turn the latch, the middle hole of the previously installed latch should be inserted.
When done, place the locked door nkob on the other side and align the two handles to stay comfortable.
There are two screw holes on the lock knob.
Insert the remaining two large screws into these holes.
Some door handles are different and need to be screwed into the nail before the door handle, but this is not the case here.
With a screwdriver on the star head, turn the screw clockwise.
Once the handle is screwed to the side of the door, check if the handle is uniform and firm.
Open and close the door to check if the latch is screwed in correctly and can be opened without difficulty.
Look at the door from a distance and make sure you like the look of it and the style of the door handle.
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