install vintage-car chrome door handles in your house

by:DIgao     2020-08-04
You can install the old chrome car door handle in your house and it looks cool.
Suitable for all kinds of wooden doors, cabinets, furniture.
I didn\'t try to get the button to open the door (
This door is just a basement closet door with a latch on the door).
Let your imagination go!
Buy yourself an old-fashioned car door handle like this.
This is from MGB (
I am a sports car enthusiast in the UK and there are always some around me
But you can find them cheaply on ebay.
Something needs to be done before we stick it on the door.
In your case, it will depend on the type of handle you can find.
Note that there are two small bolts (
One on the right and one on the left, these will put the handle on the door.
Pay attention to the large mechanism of the button, you will carve the wood on the door, let it move freely, and keep the spring action on the handle.
I have a buffer and I gave the handle a quick polish to make it look better.
If you don\'t have a buffer, you can use a variety of chemical polishing materials such as \"Blue Max\", \"Mothers\", \"Brasso\", etc. . .
Wear gloves and the chemicals on your skin are really rough!
The handle looks better when you\'re done!
This handle has a lip that prevents a plane fit to the surface of the door, so I ground it off.
At this point, I fixed the Bolt at the correct depth with a shovel bit.
Do so appropriately according to your special circumstances.
I used nuts and bolts on the handle of the original door.
Tighten them with a socket wrench (
Your hole needs to be wide enough for you to do so).
I carved a hole large enough to allow the spring mechanism to fit inside the door and keep the spring action of the button on the handle even though it doesn\'t work.
But look, it looks neat!
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