Inferior metal shake handshandle had a huge impact on the human body

by:DIgao     2020-07-19
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inferior metal handle the impact of human body;
inferior hardware handle heavy metal exceeds bid, easy to rust, easy to fracture, damage is also nots allow to ignore!
1, inferior metal shake handshandle is easy with formaldehyde, formaldehyde residual period can be up to 10 years! Metal handles used for inferior paint on the market, leading to formaldehyde to exceed bid, and long-term release, a health hazard.
2, poor hardware hands contain toxic heavy metals, long-term exposure to toxic heavy metals will affect health, for example, insomnia, fatigue, body weakness, and so on.
3, inferior metal shake handshandle corrodes easily rupture, shake handshandle if there are any water. Damp environment susceptible to oxidation corrosion, easy to rust, not only affects turn out, use for a long time to fracture; Turn shake handshandle outside rust can also affect.
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