inexpensive wedding party decorations - best ways to handle wedding decor

by:DIgao     2020-08-05
If wedding decor makes you sad because you\'re trying to save money, then it\'s time to rethink your wedding decor strategy.
Why not use these cheap wedding decor ideas instead of focusing on every detail of something that is too expensive or perfect for decoration?
These decorations are cheap and elegant, and they can make things active.
Best cheap wedding decor. . .
Candles: simple, cheap, elegant.
Place these along the wall, place them in full
There are high candles on all the tables.
To get the extra \"wow\" effect, get the transparent sticker with the initials of the groom and bride and stick it on the candle.
Photo: choose about 6-
7 photos of the bride and groom (
Apparently before the wedding)
Then make a copy of each one.
Buy some cheap frames (
Just a simple white/black)
Then start using them as decorations.
This wedding decoration concept can be used for tables (
3 pictures in the center of the table)
And wall decoration (
4 pictures are evenly spaced throughout the reception hall).
Flowers: Flowers are the best choice (
In terms of flowers)
Wedding party decoration, apparently.
However, the downside is that they are not the smartest choice when trying to save money.
Instead, what you can do is plant potted plants tied with ribbons and raffia.
With the right grooming and placement, your eyebrows will not be raised as they look as beautiful and elegant.
Napkins and tablecloths: alternate use according to the theme of the wedding.
If you have a pink desk, use a white napkin and vice versa.
It may sound simple, but it creates a very attractive effect, and it does the same for you at the lowest cost.
Balloons: these are synonymous with \"Celebration\", which is exactly what the wedding reception is about.
A small number of themed colored balloons placed in the reception hall will be able to increase this \"celebration\" mood without making the child\'s birthday party look cheap. (
2 Theme colors, that\'s all! )
It may sound far away.
Far-fetched, but you can handle all the decorations with the wedding decorations listed above.
Not flashy, not arrogant, not fancy-schmancy;
It\'s just a cheap, simple and incredibly elegant solution to a very big wedding problem.
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