how to unlock a bathroom lock if your sibling has it locked

by:DIgao     2020-08-06
Do you need to get into the bathroom and you can\'t get in because one of your siblings has locked the bathroom?
If so, be sure to read his instructions.
When I saw the door locked, I thought, \"jury --Rig it!
\"You should do the same.
The locks in most bathrooms are very simple, unlike the locks in the front door, most of which are just simple turn locks on the door handle.
So, if this is simple, it must be easy to get in once you have an idea.
That\'s why I made this note to show you how I can get into the locked door.
Although this only works for certain types of locks.
To enter the Velcro lock, you can use almost anything, including: change in your pocket (
Coins, coins, even a dime)
Or a paper clip in your drawer or pocket.
If you don\'t have these things then you can even use your belt!
To unlock the lock, you have to turn the object with the side, push in, then turn, you will see in the picture, they will help you.
Now, if your siblings are annoying and deliberately lock you out of the bathroom, you know how to open the bathroom door.
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