how to test a battery using a digital multimeter - hardware

by:DIgao     2020-06-22
When you encounter a situation where you need to use the battery, you do not know what electricity it is.We can test with a digital multimeter.This article will explain how to test the battery using a digital multimeter.1.With the digital multimeter on, you can put the Black probe plug into the COM port and the other (Red probe) plug into the V port.
Turn on the digital multimeter and dial to the DC voltage position.If there is V in the DC voltage position, you can line the top.3.Pay attention to placing the correct lead, the Black probe should lead at the negative pole of the battery, and the Red probe should lead at the positive pole.
The 9 volt battery is a special battery because its front and negative connectors are on the top.4.Now, you can read the reading of the voltage on the digital multimeter.The value of the battery is usually as follows: AA (AAA) = 1.
The 5 V 9 V = 9VIf batteries are new and their values will be higher than those.In fact, the voltage is good when more than 1.5V or 9V.Rechargeable battery with rated capacity lower than alkaline battery.
You can make the most of your digital multimeter to test the battery so that you can tell if the barrier is good.As you can see, your digital multimeter is very helpful in our daily life.If you work in the electronics industry but still don\'t have a digital multimeter?Youroscilloscope.
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