how to tell the difference between real leather furniture and synthetic imitations

by:DIgao     2020-08-12
How do consumers judge the difference between leather and imitation leather?
What is the obvious clue?
When buying leather furniture, my suggestion is to determine whether it is a real deal or a synthetic one. 1.
The best test is the interior of the material.
The interior of the leather is shown as suede lint, while the interior of the synthetic material is usually a blurry white material. 2.
Look at the cross section.
Leather is a material (a skin)
Synthesis is the combination of plastic surface and fabric substrate. 3. Pinch it.
Thicker leather and thinner vinyl.
To get familiar, find out what you know is the leather, pinch it to get a benchmark sense of thickness. 4.
Looking for perfection (
Hide scars, bug bites, etc. )
The leather surface is not perfect (
Like a knot on a wood.
Vinyl has no surface features made artificially. 5.
Look for a duplicate pattern.
Like wallpaper, vinyl is made with a specific pattern that repeats itself. 6.
Large and small panels
Leather comes from an animal of limited size (
Have you seen 20 feet cows? )
, Vinyl is produced on rollers with no limit in size. 7. Grain Pattern -
If the grain pattern is completely uniform, it may be vinyl.
There will naturally be no complete consistency.
What is the real deal?
Vinyl leather, adhesive leather, Bicast leather, ultra suede PU leather.
Bonded PU leather and bicast are equivalent to pressed wood or cardboard.
They are made from past leather scrap and then have a thick layer of polyurethane coating on the surface.
The typical color is smooth brown.
The bonding of PU and bicast lacks durability and there are various problems.
What is true but lack of persistenceSplit-hide.
This is the remainder of the leather skin after the skin or the top
The grain has been split.
Ask the following questions: 1.
Is it top grain skin?
The texture on the top means that the skin\'s skin is intact.
This is important because the durability of the leather comes from the skin. 2.
Is it all leather?
Many manufacturers reduce costs by making leather furniture with partial leather and partial vinyl.
Please note that this is not death, but a potential problem at the encounter of leather and vinyl materials. 3.
Can I have a look at the samples of the materials used?
Look around.
Is the color above and inside the same?
Is it suede inside?
It is for this reason that most leather manufacturers provide retailers with the leather samples they use.
Please be careful if they can\'t make samples for your exam. 4.
Who is the manufacturer?
Do your research and see who did it.
There are several quality manufacturers-
For example, American leather, Hancock and Moore, dreisel heritage, Sheryl collection, leather craft, Ekornes.
Then a very high-end European manufacturer.
Roche bobobois, B & B, Casina, gamma, desaid, Italy.
Watch out for claims like \"this is Italian leather.
\"It doesn\'t mean anything.
Italian leather furniture manufacturer Natuzzi has three factories: Italy, Brazil and China.
Just because it has an Italian name doesn\'t mean it\'s made in Italy.
Ask some sharp questions.
Run if you are not satisfied with the answer.
Ten years ago, the reputation of some manufacturers was impeccable.
Their products today are not qualified at all.
So don\'t rely on historical performance alone.
Cheap foreign imports are destroying the industry.
In response to this shock, some companies have surrendered to transfer factories to cheap labor countries and are now producing garbage.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of error messages on the Web and on the leather furniture retail channel.
After reading this, you are now more likely to understand leather than the sales staff who sell furniture.
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