how to spray paint vinyl and synthetic leather

by:DIgao     2020-06-29
There may be some time in your life when you need to restore the faded vinyl color.
This is common for boat seats, vehicle dashboards, furniture, luggage, door panels, vinyl car tops and floor mats.
You can take this route all the time.
Decorate vinyl, but it can be re-painted as long as the structure of vinyl is in good shape, there are no holes or cracks, and the painting is specially designed for vinyl.
Remove the artificial leather or vinyl object to be repaired from the vehicle, boat or home.
Remove the entire item, not the vinyl or synthetic leather covering itself.
Remove any additional items that you do not want to draw from the object to be drawn, such as switches, decorations, knobs, screws, metal pieces, etc.
Re-place your vinyl or faux leather items
Painting and repairing in the well
Ventilation, dust-
A free area, such as an open garage or workshop.
Place the object on the drip cloth.
Cover the drip cloth to capture any excessivespray.
Clean all vinyl or synthetic leather surfaces.
Mix the solution of 3/4 cup mild detergent to 5-gallon bucket.
Use a sponge to thoroughly clean all the surface areas you will paint.
Rinse all soap residues on vinyl or synthetic leather objects and dry them.
Use dry lint
Free towels to help remove excess water.
Allow objects to be painted dry for at least two to three hours.
Use blue painter\'s tape and tape on anything you don\'t want to paint or an object you can\'t remove.
Gently wipe your object with your sticky cloth to remove any tiny dust particles.
Shake the jar vigorously for about a minute and rattle the marble inside.
Hold the tank from the surface of the object 10 to 12 inch and spray it on a thin first coating with a stable backand-forth motion.
Overlap each stroke slightly, and always maintain the same distance as the object throughout the painting process.
Keep the first layer thin and almost transparent so there will be no drops and no runs.
If you drop or run, clean the tip of the nozzle, stay away from the object you are painting, wipe the drops immediately and run with a towel.
It takes at least 15 to 30 minutes to dry.
Apply at least three to five more light coats until you don\'t see the color that was originally faded and there is a uniform new color on the object.
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