how to service and maintain a swimming pool cartridge filter

by:DIgao     2020-05-29
The pool filter cartridge is a very effective way to clean the pool and spa.Here are some tips to make the filter cartridge filter perform better and allow the cartridge element to last longer.The pool filter is undoubtedly one of the most important equipment installed in the pool.The filter cartridge is a great way to keep the pool and spa looking great.How should the filter cartridge be cleaned and repaired?-Shut down the pump system-Release air from the tank by opening the air safety valve.-Turn the top knob or loosen the upper fixture assembly and remove the top of the unit.-Remove the cartridge element from the tank.-Use a garden hose and pressure nozzle to remove dirt and debris from the material.-Put the cartridge back in the tank.-Replace the top.-Tighten the top knob again or reinstall the fixture assembly and tighten it manually.-Restart the pump system, drain the air in the tank and close the air safety valve assembly.-Check if there is a leak in the system.-Pay attention to the pressure gauge reading.How do you make sure your filter is used for as long as possible?It is very important to clean the filter regularly.Since the element is \"loaded\" with which dirt and debris, the pressure on the unit is increasing.If the device is allowed to continue running without cleaning the cartridge, the cartridge may be damaged.Regular cleaning can remove dirt and allow running at a high level.How important is the pressure gauge?When the unit is clean, it is very important to check the pressure gauge at the top of the tank and pay attention to the reading.When the pressure inside the unit rises 5-It\'s time to clean 7 pounds.Example: cleaning reading = 15 pounds when the pressure rises to 21 pounds, which is equal to the time it takes to clean the cartridge.Should the cartridges be cleaned regularly with hydrochloric acid?Pickling shortens the life of the cartridge and, if any, should be carried out on a limited basis.Acid removes calcium accumulated inside the element.When using muriatic acid, please be very careful, use the appropriate safety equipment and follow the safety regulations for handling used muriatic acid.It can provide products for soaking and removing excess grease;These should be used as recommended by the manufacturer.Keep in mind that when cleaning the cartridge with acid, if there is oil on the cartridge, the acid \"locks\" the oil into the material.Most importantly, the product that removes oil is to be used before acid is used for calcium removal.How and why does calcium stack up on elements?Poor water chemistry (high calcium and pH) in the pool and spa water will contribute to the accumulation of calcium.Regular testing is critical, and it is important to check these levels in order to maintain a clean and high level of functional filters.Some components of the filter cartridge filter are as follows :-Upper knob and or fixture assembly-Usually at the top of the filter unit or tank, the filter head is released when screwed.Note: Make sure the pump is off before you release the upper knob, and the air pressure inside the tank has been released.-Tank Head -Provides easy access to the internal cartridge elements.It is generally possible to rotate, placing the pressure gauge and the manual air safety valve in a convenient position.-Tank -The unit or tank where the filter element is located.-Air safety valve-Allow the air inside the unit to be removed.-Pressure gauge-Usually read 0-60 PSI and advise when components are dirty and need to be removed and cleaned.-Element -Usually made of high quality reinforced polyester material with molded end cap.This unit can be disassembled and cleaned multiple times.-Entrance and exit-Used to connect a filter to a port of a pipe that allows water to enter and exit the system.Depending on the brand and model, these ports can be sliding ports or threaded ports.-Lower Plug -For drainage when necessary.Filters installed in swimming pools or spa equipment are one of the most important items in the system.Making it run at peak levels is very important to keep clear and sparkling water.Take time out of the week to monitor and clean this device and have fun and fun with your pool and spa.Ignore your system and plan to spend unnecessary money and time to correct all kinds of problems in the pool.
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