how to repair a door lock. the easy way!

by:DIgao     2020-05-28
Put the phone down! ! !
Don\'t call the locksmith yet!
Watch this video and I can save you at least $100.
How to fix the door lock.
How to fix the door lock.
Let\'s face it, there\'s nothing more annoying than not being able to insert the key or remove the key from the corroded door lock.
OK, this is a very easy problem to solve.
All you need is a container of graphite powder (
All hardware stores have)
Or a can of silicone spray.
It\'s really a personal choice, you have some people who swear that graphite powder is the best, while others say that silicone spray is the best.
In my opinion, both methods are good choices.
Don\'t use wet lubricants like WD40, because over time it draws dust and dirt to the lock, which is not what you want.
Okay, so what are you going to do?
I am using graphite powder for this video, so go to the hardware store to buy some.
It\'s less than $10 for a container. 00.
As the name implies, graphite is a powder.
Spray the powder into the lock (
Slot for key entry).
Next, get your key, get it in and out of the hole and turn the lock a few times.
This is where it distributes the powder throughout the locking mechanism.
You will be surprised how well your key works now.
It will take you about 1 minute for this job and your wife will love you for it!
Not to mention how much money it would save without having to call the locksmith!
I said there were smiles everywhere.
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Thank you for your time.
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