how to open a door lock without a key: 15+ tips for getting inside a car or house when locked out

by:DIgao     2020-06-25
The spare key is one of those things that never seem to be a big deal before you need it.
If you lose the key, the key is stolen, or lock yourself outside the house or car, you know how difficult and awkward it is to try to open your door.
So how would you open the door without the key?
What if you were locked out of the house?
Here are some solutions that can help you get back home when you are locked out.
The locking mechanism on different types of cars that unlock doors without keys varies greatly.
All newer models have electric locks with remote controls that can be opened, but the old ones can only be opened manually.
In addition, some vehicles have a lock knob on the inside top of the door by the window, while others are next to the handle.
Before proceeding with the reading, make sure you know that the unlocking mechanism of the door is inside and outside the door.
It affects the methods you might want to try.
Door Method 1: I couldn\'t believe my eyes when I first saw this.
It sounds great, but this car
The opening tool you are most likely to have at any given time is a shoe rope.
Unfortunately, this method only works with locking mechanisms that are unlocked by pulling.
You need to tie a small ring in the middle of the shoe lace and can tighten it when placed around the locking mechanism.
Work the rope to the inside of the car through the space where the door meets the outside of the car, Hook the rope to the lock, tighten the ring, and then pull the rope up.
It may take more than once if you are not a pro like this person, but it should still work.
Car door Method 2: Using the hanger method is a method that I am very familiar --
I remember seeing my dad unlock his car with a hanger a few years ago.
I would say it took him a long time, but he finally got it and left a phone call for the local locksmith, which cost about $ hundred.
You need a hanger so you can unlock it and make a hook that hangs in the window.
From here you have to shake it until you find the locking mechanism.
It may take some time, but trouble is worth it when you are desperate.
If you have a mobile phone on hand, you can try to google the door lock mechanism of your car to determine where the hanger is aimed.
This method also works for horizontal locks as you are working on the locking mechanism inside the door and don\'t aim to pull too up or press the button inside the car.
If you prefer plastic hangers instead of metal ones, then you may try some other options. . .
Door method 3: using the rod and screwdriver, all you need is a cross screwdriver, a steel rod and 30 seconds.
Any long, strong pole.
Type instrument will do this, so depending on how much garbage you have around you, you may find a good alternative.
Pry the door a little with a screwdriver, then plug the lever in and press the unlock button.
Warning: using any metal object to pry the door will cause damage to your exterior and interior, so be careful to use this method.
If you don\'t have the right tools, it\'s still much cheaper to buy them if you\'re lucky enough to be stuck near a hardware store instead of waiting for a trailer.
Door method 4: Use the slim JimNo instead of the Slim Jim beef jerky.
You may have seen the version of the Slim Jim car used by thieves in hundreds of movies, and the impromptu car rest --
But it\'s not just Hollywood. It really works.
Again, this particular method requires an old style lock.
You insert the Slim Jim into the inside of the door, just like with the wire on the hanger, working the locking mechanism inside the door.
Door method 5: using an inflatable wedge like Donnie Smith does help to avoid damage to the paint on the car and use air to force the door to open, instead of metal objects like the screwdriver method shown above.
The wedge will create enough space to insert an access tool, stick or rod or some sort of hanger device, and all you need is a patient and stable hand to press or pull the unlock button.
Door method 6: In addition to inflatable wedges, Donnie also recommends the use of a plain old plastic to do the job.
It\'s almost just a long plastic strap, bent in half, sliding through the cracks in the door.
A set of plastic wedges is also OK.
This method is suitable for pulling
The up-type lock, or you can use a stick, rod or access any unlocking mechanism inside the car triggered by the tool.
For many of these methods, you may expire because of something in your home or toolbox.
You should also call around and ask friends and family if they happen to have these tools.
If you have the habit of locking yourself out of the car, you can also invest in a full lock kit or a long distance kit.
Or buy a wedge or inflatable wedge and a long handle tool.
What tools and methods are useful to you depends on what type of lock your car has, so be sure to check against the above methods before buying anything. Also —
Make sure you don\'t put it in your trunk!
If you don\'t want to be locked out again, you can also invest in some magnetic key holders.
Put the spare car keys in and hide them under the bumper.
Door method 7: Hail Mary (Tennis)
In one of the coolest (
Most controversial)
The way to open the door, a simple tennis ball can do this.
You need to make a hole in the ball, so use a heated drill or screwdriver.
Place the tennis ball on the hole at the top of the key hole and push.
The pressure generated in the ball will force your car to unlock. . . or so they say.
This tennis method has millions of views on YouTube, but does it work?
The team decided to test themselves at the end of the rumor.
As you can see, there is a lot of debate on both sides around this approach.
If you want to know if it works, the best way is to try it out.
If you have any luck, please let us know in the comments.
Door method 8: as long as all the other methods of calling AAAIf fail, there is no problem getting a little help.
AAA is probably the best
Well-known auto aid providers across the country.
If you already have a service, you can call and ask someone to help you in half an hour.
Even if you don\'t have a service, you can call and be a member and someone is in your car that day.
Door method 9: When I visited my old university, I recently locked my key in my truck using a police/security assistant.
I called the public security department and an officer opened the door with a driver kit.
That\'s simple.
Thankfully, I was dealing with an organization I knew who was not busy at the time.
Calling the police is another possibility, but I won\'t try it unless you don\'t have any other options.
While many officials have the tools to help you, this is never a high priority and it can be a waste of their precious time if you call in.
However, they may be more willing to help if you feel it is dangerous to stay where you are.
Unlock house doors without keys for houses and other types of doors, the method depends on the type of lock.
Old locks are usually easier to open without keys, while new ones can be more tricky.
House door Method 1: the use of the bump key is a specially made key for unlocking a pin-based locking system that is used in the vast majority of homes.
Most pin systems are spring-
Load, press the spine of the key onto the corresponding pin, and unlock the lock.
Bump keynotes are commonly used in normal home locks, since most of them use individual lockssided key.
Because most cars have double
Edge keys, these bump keys are generally not that useful to them.
Check out this tutorial to learn how to make and use bump keys.
Room door Method 2: Use a professional unlocking tool if you have an unlocking tool, you can use it to break into your own house as long as you know how to use it.
You can buy a cheap pick lock training set, but there are several ways to make it yourself if you don\'t want to spend any money or have no time to wait.
House door method 3: use paper clips if you have several paper clips you can turn them into a lock using basic multi-tool.
Room door method 4: You can also turn the butter knife into a temporary lock with a butter knife.
Take a look at the video below and see how.
This is just the first part of the tutorial, but you can find the rest here.
Method 5 of the door of the House: using Bobby pinsen, of course, you can\'t talk about the lock --
Pick up the Bobby with no humble.
This is one of the most common household items that can be used to pick out many different types of locks.
However, if you don\'t have women in your home, you may not have bobby pins around you, so you may want to try a butter knife or a paper clip.
House door method 6: use credit card if you are trying to pass through the door with a standard spring locknot a deadbolt—
You can open it using a credit card or other flexible plastic card.
Just insert the card into the gap between the door and the frame and bend it away from the knob.
It should be correct if it is the right lock.
If the situation is worse, just call the locksmith and if none of these methods work, the local locksmith will be fully prepared for you to return to the locked house or car.
Remember to call because the locksmith\'s price varies a lot and you might be spending $60 for something that should be $20.
If your neighbor is fairly secure, hide a spare key and there are many types of key hiding devices that will allow you to see at a glance.
Try this stone, a fake spray head, and even a cute turtle.
No one will know that your reptile friend has a secret.
If you\'re a little worried about your neighbors, hide a spare key in a lock box or combo --Lock key safe
For an emergency, please put the combination on your wallet, car or mobile phone.
Also, give a copy of the key to a friend, family member or neighbor just in case.
Not only can they check your house when you are out of town, but they can also save you from expensive locksmith phones.
Other ways to unlock a lock without a key do not try to enter the car or house?
You can break into the padlock with a beer can Shaker, break into the suitcase with a pen, decipher the combination of the combination lock, brute force crack
Forcibly enter the US Combo Lock and even break into the safe with a little knowledgehow.
For more information about this hacker, please check our previous guide on breaking into the lock.
Do you know other cool ways to open a car or house door without a key?
Let us know in the comments section.
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