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by:DIgao     2020-05-29
Shower Doors come in a variety of styles, including single door opening, double door opening, sliding door and revolving door.The shower door can swing inward, outward or in both directions depending on the type of hinge during installation.Measuring the opening of the shower door is the standard procedure for any type of door.
Note the size to help select the right door for the opening.The manufacturer sells shower doors with minimum and maximum measurements in width to accommodate shower opening measurements.Use a tape measure to measure the bottom width of the shower area that requires a shower door.
Measure the full width from one side to the other in the middle of the curb on the shower pan.Record the measurement results on a piece of paper with a pen.Measure the top width of the shower area at the top of the door.
Record this measurement on paper.
Compare two width numbers.
If there is no plumb on the vertical or horizontal walls, the two numbers will be slightly different.Measure the height of the shower opening from the center of the shower curb to the height of the shower head on the wall.This makes the hardware on the shower door invisible from the outside of the shower.
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