how to make your house numbers stand out

by:DIgao     2020-05-31
Increase instant containment appeal and welcome guests to your home by installing the address number planter box on the wall.
This is an interesting rotation of a modern vertical garden.
The metal address number makes your home stand out, and whether your style is modern or rustic, you can customize it according to the look of your home.
Fill it with fleshy plants, colorful flowers or tropical plants.
When winter comes, change the flowers to green plants in cold weather, such as dwarf evergreen trees or spruce.
Step 1: collect materials.
You need: If you buy wood from a wood store, let them cut the wood into the right size.
We purchased a 24x24 plywood (
60 cm by 60 cm \"or less than 2 cm thick)
Let them cut it into two 12 \"x 20 \"(30 cm by 50 cm)pieces. We used a pre-
Homemade boxes purchased from Michaels.
When you cut the plywood, please remember the size of the wooden box so that it can be installed correctly.
If it\'s convenient for you, you can customize the size of the box yourself.
Step 2: polish all the wood surfaces into sand.
Prepare the painted wood by sanding the wood to remove any rough edges.
Step 3: drill holes and drain water on the wood planter box.
Using the drill bit, add holes to the bottom of the wooden box to provide drainage.
Step 4: Paint the plywood and box.
Paint all wood surfaces using paint suitable for outdoor conditions.
Make sure all the wood is painted.
Dry completely.
Tip: consider adding a layer of polyurethane to seal the wood as an additional protection.
Step 5: connect the wooden planting box.
Decide where you want the wood planter box.
Fix the wood planter box on the plywood backing using screws.
Screw in from the back so the screw head doesn\'t show up.
To do this, place the board on top of the box, align and pre-
Drill the first hole
Insert the screw and connect the two pieces together with a screwdriver.
Repeat each screw once.
Two or four screws should be enough to hold them in place. Pre-
Drill holes first before inserting the screws, making it easier for the screws to pass through the wood.
Step 6: put a metal door tag on the back of the plywood.
Decide where you want the numbers on the plywood. Pre-drill holes.
Screw the metal number in place with a screwdriver.
Step 7: hang your address pot, add plants or flowers. We used a saw-
The tooth easel attached to the back of the wood and the clip on the brick clip hang the plaque on the brick wall.
You may prefer to use the appropriate screws to connect the box more permanently to your outer wall.
Join some plants or flowers to enjoy.
These stylish house numbers will increase your containment appeal without working. 1.
The grain is filled with a modern handmade planter box with juicy things hanging near the front door.
$60 black modern address planter. 00 + USD/ $56.
50 ships ready in 2-3 weeks. 2.
School building Power Supply Co. , Ltd.
Add industrial inspiration to your entrance with the magnetic numbers provided by steel planter boxes and aluminum or natural brass.
$150 steel planting boxes for school buildings.
$00/shipped to Canada by phone order. Ready to ship. 3.
This stylish handmade plaque detail is stylish and modern, and the wood finish is warm, adding style to your entrance.
Modern house cards on colored wood are $65. 00+ USD/ $40. 00 shipping.
Ready in 2-3 weeks. 4.
The Ohongs design studio adds a number of roadside attractions with removable door brand vinyl decals.
Front door deck decals, $9 for two sets of posts. 50 + USD/$12. 00 shipping.
Ready in 1-2 working days5.
CB2Eco style with these recycled teak house numbers at your doorstep.
Recycled teak houses cost $17.
47 CDN/can be ordered and shipped through the store that is ready to ship.
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