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How to make a sandbox for a favorite personsummer-
Long toy, make this strongput-
Overwrite the sandbox together.
Tools: Materials: time: about 5 to 6 hours, plus the timing to complete the Shard to make the sandbox, using 3/4-inch grade A-B or B-
Exterior plywood.
Be sure to take into account the width of the sawing between the workpieces, and remember that Plywood may not be able to accurately measure 4x8 feet.
Measure, Mark and cut the bottom panel of the sandbox with an area of 44 1/2 square meters.
Cut two pieces of 2x4 Pine 46 inch long for skids under the sandbox; angle-
Cut all four ends of 2x4 to about 25 degrees.
Connect the parallel of 2x4 to a flat surface and place the bottom panel of the sandbox on top of them, with both sides of the panel parallel to skids.
Adjust the slides so that they tilt 12 inch from each side of the bottom;
Set the sliding end at an equal distance from the edge of the bottom panel.
Temporarily fix the slide in place with two 6-
Penny ordinary nails only opened in the middle.
Open the bottom panel.
Drill 11/64 series-
Through the plywood bottom plate, an inch hole with an interval of about 12 inch, is used to fix the slide with screws.
Drill holes only on the plywood bottom plate;
Do not drill into the chute.
Connect skids to the bottom panel with 1/2-
Inch 8 flat head galvanized or brass wood screws, drive through the bottom plate and enter the slide.
Flush the screw head with the wood surface.
Flip the component and remove 6-penny nails.
Make the side of the box, cut two 12x46-
Inch plywood and 2 11 1/4x44 1/2
Plywood in inches.
At 12x46-
To accommodate the seat plate of the sandbox, the inch part, the 8 inch-long cut and the 3/4-deep cut.
Set two 11 1/4 by 44 1/2
Inch blocks at both ends of the bottom panel;
Make sure the end is flush with the opening edge of the panel and the bottom edge is flush with the lower side of the panel.
Temporarily fix each end in place with two 6-
Only nailed in halfway.
Drill 11/64 series-
Inches of holes near the bottom edge of these ends, about 8 inch apart.
Only drill the end piece;
Do not drill into the bottom panel.
Fix the end on the bottom plate with 1 1/2-
Inch 8 flat head wood screws, enter the bottom panel through the surface of the end sheet.
Flush the screw head.
Following the same procedure, two 12x46-
Inches of the other two edges of the bottom panel.
Drill holes for three additional screws through the ends of these parts;
Push the screw into 11 1/4x44 1/2-inch pieces.
Flush the screw head.
Remove all temporary 6-penny nails.
Make seat make sand box seat cut two 8x46-
Plywood in inches.
Set the seat to a notch cut at the end. Drill 11/64-
Every 8 inch holes per inch along each seat, only through the seat.
Protective seat with 1 1/2
Inch 8 flat head wood screws, enter the end of the sandbox through the surface of the seat.
Flush the screw head.
Make the cover of the sandbox cover, cut two 23x46-
Plywood in inches.
Attach three utility strap hinges to the outside edge of each piece.
Use the hinge as a template to mark the position of the screw hole.
Drill holes for hinge screws through each cover piece.
Fix the hinge with machine screws, washers and nuts, the screw head is fixed inside the sandbox, and the nut is fixed outside.
Mark the screw hole position of two practical handles near the inner edge of each cover piece.
Drill holes for hand screws through each cover piece.
Connect the handle using machine screws, washers and nuts.
Attach a 1x2 pine on the edge of a meeting cover so that when closed to seal the rain, it overlaps with the other piece.
Tie the tape with 1/2-
Inch 8 flat head wood screws.
Complete the sand box to complete the sand box, carefully round and tilt all corners and edges with flat, sand or fine material
Flat teeth.
Pay special attention to the seat plates and upper edges on both sides.
Check the debris or rough spots, as well as the sand, if necessary, to smooth all surfaces.
Finally, apply a primer and at least two layers of external latex or oil
Paint on the bottom or enamel on the porch and floor.
Draw the inside, outside, and bottom of the sandbox.
Follow the manufacturer\'s instructions to have the paint completely dry between the coatings.
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