How to Make a Remote Controlled Door Lock

by:DIgao     2020-06-29
In this Instructable I will show you how to make a simple, reliable remote door lock.
This type of lock can be used in many different applications, such as the front door or inner door of your home, or a cabinet or drawer that you do not want your child to enter.
Let\'s start!
Here is the part list for this project.
Using an RC rotary servo or an electronic device on an RC car, this can be achieved at a lower cost.
I have seen something different.
We took a different approach and only used high
High quality parts will give you a building that looks better and can last for a long time and doesn\'t look like DIY. 1.
Series linear servo (
We have used the Actuonix L16 for a 30mm trip)2.
Radio frequency remote control (
Also available from Actuonix-$40USD)3.
Sliding bolt lock
There are any hardware stores. 4.
12 v DC power supply.
The length of the rigid line cannot provide too much detail as how you install the lock will depend on your specific item.
Install it in a way that makes sense for your purpose.
Just make sure you are within the range of the wall plug and the lock slides smoothly throughout the process, getting the maximum life from the linear servo system and getting the maximum life.
Connect the controller according to the chart below.
The \"S\" series actuator will be inserted directly into the plug at the end of the red and black wires on the output side.
To connect the device to a 12 v power supply, make sure it is wired correctly.
Both wires are black so please double check your work here.
The line with the white dotted line is positive.
This can be achieved in many different ways.
I chose to use a hard wire that I had kicked.
This allows a strong connection between the two, but nothing will be broken if the lock is bound.
Now you are ready to test your remote lock.
Use one of the two wireless controllers that come with the RF controller, run the lock back and forth and make sure it is not bound at all.
It\'s time for the fine.
Adjust and adjust your lock as needed.
Once you \'ve dialed the phone, enjoy your new wireless remote control lock!
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