How to make a long stick hook stick firm use

by:DIgao     2020-06-15
To hang things convenient home, understand the life of people will buy all sorts of small stick hook, a viscosity hook behind the door, can be used to hang towels, clothes; Sticky hook on the wall in the kitchen, can hang buy food or kitchen utensils and appliances. But stick hook will be in a few days off, heavy things can't hang directly, is there any way to avoid it? Stick hook, can maximize the development of 'air space', the current common adhesive hooks on the market, divided into suction-cup and paste type two kinds. First of all, for sticky hook embellishment, due to glue the back of the hook is colloid, want how to make a colloid creamy and firmer? Can try to come up with hair dryer, will stick hook blowing hot paste surface, such as touching warm, hurriedly tear tape, stick stick hook up, hard pressed for a while, so sticky hook will become strong. Second, for a suction-cup sticky hook, the simplest way is to stick the hook touch water, drained as far as possible, the space will glue very strong. If you want to be stronger, try to stick on the hook evenly point egg white, because white itself belongs to the colloidal substances, and egg white can reduce the sucker and the wall cracks, will air more thoroughly, can make stick hook stronger bearing capacity, longer service life. Thirdly, sticky hook is strong, contact also play an important role in many sticky hook can only be used in certain circumstances, such as ceramic tile, glass paste effect is better, it is not easy to drop, but walls, frosted glass, points minutes break something to show you. So sticky hook before use, choose a interface of smooth level off, remember to use a wet towel to clean dust will interface, then stick hook you push hard on the period of time, to ensure fully fit. Finally, in addition to the correct method of use, the quality is the service life of the adhesive hook the decisive factor. ( This article from dongguan company fu sen hook)
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