How to maintain archaize shake handshandle in daily life

by:DIgao     2020-07-14

in senior housing, classic furniture, hotel, restoring ancient ways in the villa will use archaize shake handshandle, archaize the surface of the shake handshandle is through special processing, such as plating antique bronze, brushed antique, do old and so on processing, covered with a layer of nostalgic breath to handle. If you don't go to a good maintenance, shake handshandle damaged will affect the overall image of furniture, also affects the image of the furniture to decorate, so in daily life to take to maintain the shake handshandle. Below small make up teach you how to maintain well the shake handshandle.
first to prevent dirty, shake handshandle is one of the most people come into contact with at ordinary times, no less must attach to some dirt on the surface, can be used when cleaning alcohol cleansing, if you wash with water, then after cleaning to ensure that the surface must be dry, not to drip attached above.
the second stop, don't use sharp furniture shake handshandle, hard objects scratch the surface, if there is a serious surface besmirch or scratch, fireworks burn, can use a sandpaper surface grinding, again with a microfiber cloth to wipe.
the third to the anti-corrosion, should avoid to contact with hydrochloric acid, salt and other corrosive substances.
4 to be well protected against dampness, keep is clean, use of careless have water stains on the surface, to wipe dry after use, often keep dry and cleaning on the surface.
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