How to install the glass door handle

by:DIgao     2020-07-18
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glass doors are made of tempered glass, hardness and reliable, easy to clean and glass doors, generous style, transparent pervious to light, does not affect the light shining, many retail stores are now using glass door. So in the quality at the same time, pay attention to the glass door shake handshandle glass door shake handshandle installation of good or bad will directly affect the aesthetics, glass door shake handshandle introduces below how to install:
1, the whole glass door leaf holes on the glass door shake handshandle, are usually performed at the time of cut glass processing. Glass door shake handshandle connection part inserted into the hole not too close, it should be slightly loose; Such as insert too loose, can be wrapped in soft adhesive tape in the insert part.
2, before installation on the glass door shake handshandle inserted into the glass part of the little glass glue. Handle assembly, its roots and glass by close again after press tight set screw, in order to keep the handle without loose phenomenon.
3, if not glass tempered glass, with 10 mm glass drill, measure the glass door shake handshandle of pitch ( Center to center) , water mark on the glass door, punch, when installed on from the outside, inside screw handle long screw, don't leave the shake handshandle of screw outside, to the glass door shake handshandle of removing from the outside.
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