how to install a hinge pin door closer

by:DIgao     2020-08-16
In cases where closer doors are needed, for example on the outer door, the only option is to attach to the industrial closing door on the door and door frame.
While these closers work well, they seem a bit out of place in a residential setting, which leads to the development of a welcoming closers.
These units feature specially designed hinges, which are only slightly larger than normal hinges and do not require ugly commercial door closures in the past.
Because these hinge pin closers come with hinges, it\'s easy to retro
Installed on existing doors.
Remove the old hinge.
Use Phillip\'s screwdriver or drill bit, remove the screws from the door and jamb and remove the hinges.
Install the new hinge with the hinge pin door instead of the old hinge.
The screw pattern should match the old hinge;
Insert new screws using a screwdriver or drill bit.
Use the supplied adjustment bar and insert it into the hole at the top of the hinge pin closest to the door.
Keep it away from the door and insert the stop pin into the hole closest to the door.
Repeat the process at the bottom of the sales. Test the door.
Open the door, close the closing door and close the door.
If the door is closed too tightly, Please adjust the pressure when closing.
If the door is not hard enough to close the door completely, the pressure to close the door is increased.
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