how to handle the top 10 sme sales objections - part i

by:DIgao     2020-08-06
Potential customers usually disagree for three specific reasons.
Two of them are easy to handle.
However, the third usually refers to a fundamental failure in the sales process.
However, all of this will not be lost, and while most of them can be overcome, it is important to understand the causes of these problems and ensure that future sales will not fall into the same trap.
Assuming your buyer fully understands the value your product will bring to them, some people still need to get \"deals \".
People looking for deals can be entrepreneurs, professional sourcing and government departments.
You have to ask customers to reiterate the value they get in the first place.
This will strengthen your negotiating position.
If they really need this and they really believe you have the best solution, you have to make a judgment.
This actually means that you also have to think about the lifetime value of your customers and whether winning instant negotiations will affect future relationships.
Remember, we must work hard for a win-win situation.
Since good customers become long-term customers, we can win the scene. term partners!
If you feel you still need to make a deal, try putting something in the deal they need. Why -
Because the discount is generated directly from your profit.
Offering them value-added services not only cost less, but also give them a deal while making their lives better as clients.
Few sales people work in a vacuum.
At many different stages of the sales cycle, they usually have to face their competitors.
The sooner you face them and help customers reject them, the easier your job will be.
Many top sales professionals know that their customers need to go out to tender, help customers, and write proposals (RFP).
I always remind sales people who work with me
\"If it\'s a surprise to receive an RFP --
Should not lose it!
\"One of the competitive strategies I teach is\" raising standards \".
This basically means that if you put in some additional features or benefits that customers may need in a highly competitive bid, you know that your competitors are not able to provide them.
This is a good strategy, but what should you do if this happens to you? You need to test if this is a real requirement.
You need to ask them how valuable it is for their business to have this requirement.
You also need to confirm if it is a sales vandal.
If so, then either go away or see if you can meet their needs in a way that is beneficial to both sides.
The final type of objection is usually generated by a lack of qualifications or, in fact, failure to follow the appropriate sales process.
If potential buyers still don\'t believe it at the close, then either you close too early or you don\'t solve all their problems.
At this stage, you need to figure out exactly what the problem is.
This may be one of the reasons for the lack of authority.
They can\'t actually decide to buy, or maybe because they don\'t match their needs and expectations to the value your product can give them.
If your customer appreciates the value of the product or service, of course, the price should not be a problem.
Scale and financial viability also fall into this category, and there are many ways to reverse these situations in order to appease the most common reasons for customers and, in fact, the easiest problem to solve, is to \"prove\" objections.
Like all others, this should be confirmed as the last remaining question by asking a similar question
\"Will you continue if we can do it or show you this ? \".
If you make the product yourself, the option to prove the point may be a pilot, a reference visit or a factory visit. For Part II -
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