How to dismantle the broken hardware handles?

by:DIgao     2020-07-18
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metal handle in the course of normal use is not easy to be damaged, unless there is a certain fixed number of year, or intentionally damage or deformation will happen after a big pressure, lead to cannot use, this kind of circumstance, appear this kind of circumstance how to do?
we must first see the screw is a cross or a word, a word is often difficult to move, because he is the mouth of the easy to slide, compared to a good twist word screwdriver, ask you to take the screw down, to pay attention to safety, not careful will shake handshandle to fall off, easy on yourself, we will more careful.

if twist screws easy off, then we will gently shake metal shake handshandle, shake handshandle will automatically fall down. We look simple, if you want to do, is relatively complicated, in the process, we need to be careful, pay attention to safety!
the above simple demolition method are introduced, and the best way is to use properly, and to buy relatively good quality metal shake handshandle, the shake handshandle of hardware production can assure our customers that the quality of the shake handshandle absolute pass, from worries for you!
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