how to clean corroded cast iron pipes

by:DIgao     2020-06-29
The cast iron pipe is very durable and has been designed for many years.
However, while cast iron is tough and heavy, it does corrosion over time.
Oxidation occurs when water and oxygen interact with iron to form a rust coating on the pipe.
If rust is not removed, Rust will eventually spread through rust and will result in a general weakening of holes and pipes.
It takes a lot of effort to clean the corroded cast iron pipes, but this process helps the pipes look better, while also keeping them in a better state for a longer period of time.
Rub fine sandpaper or steel wool on the iron pipe and grind off smaller rust spots.
Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle.
Spray the areas corroded by the pipe with vinegar, sprinkle salt on the top, and then scrub the areas with a wash pad.
The acidity of vinegar helps to break down Rust, while salt reduces rust and increases the friction of the scouring pad.
If the previous mild method is not valid, please use the rust remover on the cast iron pipe.
Rust Remover is highly corrosive, so wear protective gloves to prevent skin exposure.
Follow all instructions on the chemical packaging to get the best results and stay safe.
Let the rust remover soak in the corrosion and then scrub with a cloth or scrub pad.
After that, re-apply the sandpaper or steel wire and rinse out the pipe once the corrosion is removed.
Repeat these steps until all corrosion is gone.
Removing all rust or corrosion on cast iron pipes usually requires a lot of physical strength.
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