How to choose the hardware shake handshandle of bedroom

by:DIgao     2020-07-20
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1, metal handle size to fit the
we need to know before the choose and buy hardware handle yourself to the size of the bedroom door, according to the size of the door shake handshandle to choose the right size. Lest produce little shake handshandle with doors or big with small door shake handshandle.

2, style to unity on metal shake handshandle of choose and buy, should not only consider the style of the bedroom door, consider the adornment style of whole household. Does not damage because handle style is not suitable for the whole decoration style. Is suitable for copper, in general, the shake handshandle of Europe type style, the ceramic handle is suitable for Chinese style classic or rural style, suitable for modern style stainless steel handle.
3, shake handshandle surface scratch
when the choose and buy hardware handles the appearance is not damaged or have Nick, the shake handshandle of general and high grade bright color and with a layer of protective film, and the ability to reflect light without blemish.

4, accord with human body design of the bedroom door use frequency is taller, so need to consider when collocation hardware handles the quality of the shake handshandle, at the time of purchase to touch them, isn't it feels more comfortable, the surface is smooth, no prick the hand, hand cut a phenomenon.
5, sound judgment,
rigid thing. no crisp sound, shake handshandle quality is better. There are some bad products, cheat consumers increase shake handshandle weight inside the handle to add some items, the shake handshandle knock when the sound of a boring.
6, choose a certificate of quality of products belong to high-end atmosphere
bedroom door products, choose the shake handshandle of brand, as far as possible when collocation shake handshandle quality better shake handshandle. The shake handshandle of brand with quality inspection certificate of quality and good after-sales service. For you recommend my company production of metal shake handshandle, well made and quality guaranteed.
do you know how to choose the hardware handle?
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