how to choose a profitable keyword for infobarrel - a practical tutorial

by:DIgao     2020-05-30
If you have decided to join InfoBarrel and start writing helpful content-based articles in pursuit of starting a passive revenue stream, then congratulate you;
The first step is often the most difficult because it is full of uncertainty and tension.
If you are brand new, then you may have overcome these ideas and started a very rewarding journey, although you must know that the road will be long and will not happen overnight.
On InfoBarrel, you can earn $1000 a month, but it takes a lot of effort to get that kind of income and the significant dedication to achieve these goals.
Before we detail the practical and easy way to select keywords for your InfoBarrel article, you should first understand the theoretical aspects of choosing the right keywords for InfoBarrel.
You should first understand what makes the keywords profitable and why these keywords are worth the time.
This article should only be read and followed after you understand the theory.
In general, a profitable keyword is a keyword in which advertisers are willing to spend a lot of money to get clues about their website, where they may sell something to readers.
This is the basic premise of advertising network and the basic way for information workers to get paid.
InfoBarrel has many built-in ad networks, and writing articles provides readers with channels to match advertisers looking for targeted traffic.
Considering that advertisers usually want to sell a service or product of some kind, it is better to make it easier for readers who are interested in or more receptive to the product to accept the product, general knowledge or factual information than just those looking for entertainment.
Unless your Advertiser sells information that is not available elsewhere for free, casual web surfers may not have the mood to buy and will not accept the purchase.
That\'s why it\'s not in your best interest to write a topic unless it has obvious business appeal.
People looking for information on differences in money supply between M3 and M2 may find your article on the subject enlightening, but it is unlikely that they will become a profitable reader to convert well.
If business appeal makes the keyword profitable, what other factors will make the keyword profitable. What\'s more to help than commercial appeal? The second important thing is to find it in search engines.
If those readers can\'t find you and your article, you can\'t have those readers who are happy to buy things sitting on the table, which is where the keywords are refined.
Some of the best business keywords are generic products.
Brand name or item name product keywords are great, but with the popularity of new brands and the failure of old brands and old models, they lose value over time.
However, regardless of the popular brand or model at the time, generic products will be searched.
I don\'t know what brands and models are available in the \"toilet seat\" world, but I do know that everyone has a toilet seat and they all need to be replaced from time to time.
However, the problem of \"toilet seat\" as a key word is that \"toilet seat\" is very extensive.
A lot of people looking for this will be a buyer while others may not be a buyer.
However, you should think critically, assuming that someone looking for toilet seat hinges online may have a broken toilet seat that needs to be replaced immediately.
This keyword \"toilet seat hinge\" may be a perfect purchase keyword and should be a profitable keyword.
Before we analyze the profitability of this keyword and the merits of writing an article about toilet seat hinges, as a new writer, you should also understand, it is also not a good idea to use the keyword \"toilet seat\" because it has a lot of competition.
Most content authors are reluctant to do the amount of backlinks needed to rank shorter keywords, although when your keywords start to grow to three, four and five words that become easier to rank.
Anyway, it\'s always a good idea to backlink your article, but choosing a word that\'s easier to target and rank should speed up the process and help keep your spirits high, this is very important for the new writer.
Once you \'ve identified your keywords, you\'ll need to decide next if it\'s worth your time to write an article on the subject.
We feel that this article is a purchase keyword, long enough, how do we make sure there is enough money in the keywords to give us time.
In order to do this, we can assume that there is money in kewyord, which is what I did before this, but in order to verify it on a different level, we need to consult a keyword tool, the tool displays the number of searches for these keywords each month, and whether there are advertisers for these keywords.
Looking closely at the Adwords tool, we can see that the term has 1300 searches per month, and about 90% advertisers compete for the term, and advertisers pay more than $0.
Click 90 times each time this semester.
Using this information, we can assume that if we can rank high this semester, there will be considerable money here every month.
The #1 \"toilet cover\" continues to bring about 40% of search traffic to your article, and the No. 10 article brings about 2% of search traffic, so even if it is ranked in the tenth place, we should also have at least 25 target visitors per month with a high-end potential of 520.
Assuming that since this is a purchase keyword and the conversion rate is quite high, you can expect to make a lot of money on this keyword, especially if you get a lot of long tail search traffic articles.
Next, I want to make sure that this is a keyword that can be contested by normal people, and to do so, all I do is search the term and look at the search results.
There are a lot of ways to analyze the competition right now, but the way I like to do it is to look for the highest ranked results, in three areas, titles, descriptions, and URLs.
If it doesn\'t have one, two or one then I skip it.
In this case, the first result has Keywords in all three bits, so I stop scanning.
I use this search result as the basis for the competition, because I want my article to have keywords in all three places, so this is the most closely related competition for me.
To analyze the game, I open the page and check its page ranking, which is pr0 in this case.
From this point on, I already know that it doesn\'t take much to get to the top.
All you need to do is set up your tab correctly, along with some backlinks to get you moving up.
In the presence of advertisers, this article is undoubtedly the green light.
Basically, if you find all three bits on the front page have articles with your keywords, and its page is ranked 0 or 1, there are a few backlinks and a little seasoning.
Basically you can\'t get to the top right away, but it will get closer to the top as your article grows, especially if you send it some backlinks.
Choose another trick, even better keyword title you always want your main keyword to appear in the title of your InfoBarrel article as this also puts it in the URL well, but you also want to add a word at the beginning and end of the keyword to lengthen your keyword so that it can also target the long tail version of your main keyword.
In the case of toilet seat hinges, Google suggested replacing toilet seat hinges and toilet seat hinge bolts.
If I add these to the front end and back end of the article title, I can attract more traffic through the long tail positioning, rather than discouraging readers by further narrowing the theme down.
My article is titled replacing toilet seat hinges and bolts.
The title of this article is aimed at my main keywords, making the ranking of long tail keywords easier.
In the article I wrote, I will use the main keyword in the first sentence of the article to make sure it ends up describing the article in the search results, and then I will make sure to write a lengthy article, introduce everything I can think of related to toilet seat hinges and bolts.
Fortunately, Google Suggest also helped me with what to include in the article, since other options for Google Suggest include brand names, such as Bemis, Kohler, Mayfair and other stainless steel, brushed nickel, brass, Chrome and other kits related to toilet seat hinges, as well as plastic
Assuming I have one or more paragraphs on all of these aspects of toilet seat hinges, I should have a fairly long article that would be able to rank high among a large number of different long tail keywords.
Once you \'ve done the job, you\'ll have to write your masterpiece and then send some backlinks through basic article marketing, guest blogs to improve your search engine ranking, or social bookmarks, then wait for your article to start drawing in the visitor.
I like to wait a few months before analyzing my work and improving the article based on the analysis I accumulated in the first few months after publication.
However, it is important to do everything right from the beginning, because articles like this will make money faster and easier to compete in the market than a CPC high, market saturated article.
Try to do this, add at least one article to your library every day, and you should have 120 to 150 articles in four to five months and a lot more.
My information income is just an example of how this happens.
If you haven\'t joined InfoBarrel yet, take the chance.
InfoBarrel is a young site that is growing very fast.
In addition, the most difficult part of building passive income is to start.
If you do this now, after a few months, you won\'t regret it when you get paid for your work today for a month in a row.
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