How to Add a Garage Door Lock

by:DIgao     2020-06-29
Your garage door is the door.
It may be used as an entrance to your home more than your front door.
Although your front door is protected by a lock, your garage door may not be available.
The reason for this is simple.
For most systems, the entrance to the garage is controlled by an electronic key, your garage door opener, which only allows the holder to enter through the door.
This is not enough for some people.
As the ability to simulate automatic garage door signals becomes more and more common, this may allow smart thieves to enter your valuables through the garage door.
In addition, for certain types of systems, it may be possible to break the door and enter the garage door, in which the broken door only needs to be pulled with a little extra force.
If all of these circumstances apply to you, or you just want to add a lock security to the garage door, you can purchase and install the garage door lock on the automatic garage door opening system.
The type of garage door lock can use this lock to go to the old school and do it in the simplest and cheapest way;
This method is to add a padlock hasp and ring to your existing door.
In this case, you will get off the car manually, unlock the padlock you installed before opening the garage door, and then drive in.
This also means closing manually from the outside and resetting the padlock.
Not a very convenient solution.
In most optional garage door lock systems you are installing the radio
The bolt lock is controlled from the door itself through the track of the door.
This is equivalent to adding a dead bolt to the side of your garage door.
The radio control box with metal dead bolts is part of the kit.
A special slot was installed on the garage door track.
The radio control box is mounted inside the garage door.
When the garage door drops to a fully closed position, the latch is locked in place.
The garage door is now secured with a metal latch.
You can pry the garage door from the bottom but still can\'t lift it.
The door is completely safe.
When the motor engages to rise, the bolt is automatically released and held in the release position until the door is down again.
Where can I find the garage door lock this type of system can be bought through the hardware and home store, there are also a variety of systems on the Internet.
Consumers are usually easy to install them, though you may be able to find someone to install them for you if needed.
The lock type described above is single sided, but this type of lock can also be found in the dual system, where the bolts on both sides are released from the spring system installed in the center of the door.
Check to see if the internet and local businesses have a variety of available locks to provide additional security for your home.
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