how power door locks work

by:DIgao     2020-06-25
Locking and unlocking is some way to unlock the door: in some cars with electric door locks, the lock/unlock switch actually sends power to the actuator that unlocks the door.
But in a more complex system, there are several ways to lock the door and unlock it, and the body controller decides when to unlock it.
The body controller is the computer in your car.
It will take care of a lot of little things that make your car more friendly ---
For example, it makes sure the in-car lights are on until you start the car, and if you turn on the headlights or leave the key in the ignition, it will beep you.
In the case of an electric door lock, the body controller monitors all possible sources of the \"unlock\" or \"lock\" signal.
It watches a door.
When entering the correct code, install the TouchPad and open the door.
When it receives the correct digital code from the radio transmitter in the key chain, it monitors the radio frequency and opens the door, and also monitors the switch in the car.
When it receives a signal from any of these sources, it provides power to the actuator that opens or locks the door.
Now, let\'s take a look inside an actual door and see how everything is connected.
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