How much is the entrance guard system installation costs in guangzhou

by:DIgao     2020-08-06
Today, in this kind of details for you in guangzhou and entrance guard system installation costs associated with the offer system solutions, a door machines ranging from 50 to 500, entrance guard installed a set of the price is 300 yuan prices in Beijing within the service scope is Beijing rings, entrance guard has simple card entrance guard applies to wooden door glass door can, glass door need access equipment have entrance guard machine + access power, door locks, door switch, access control card, and installation and debugging. A set of equipment price 230 yuan. Plus installation is ok, if you are in Beijing within five rings plus the total installation is 530, is a set of entrance guard installation. Entrance guard 50 - 200 yuan of door machine 8 kinds can choose according to your needs, now a single quotation respectively, CU - entrance guard controller K05 or CU - K05c, 50 yuan per set. With induction card to open the door, the induction card and password to open the door, open the password to open the door three ways. CU - entrance guard controller K08, ultra-thin design, silver color, is the perfect combination of technology and fashion. Provides a safe way of entrance control automatically, is business institutions, offices, factories, residential, community and other places, is an ideal instrument for induction card to open the door, the induction card and password to open the door, the password to open the door of three methods for open the door. CU - entrance guard controller K18: price 150 yuan, 350 yuan of a complete set of entrance guard products quotation. 300 only 600 yuan, of a complete set of installation for each capacity of 1000 users, more widely applied. Can be an external card reader, use more secure. 500 passwords, CARDS, card and password to open the door. Status monitoring, alarm output, door security mode, tamper, perfect security measures such as induction card and password let users more secure. CU - a single entrance guard controller K28 in CU - K18 appearance, with different levels of access control machine has user card backup and copy function. Can be an external card reader, EM card and M1 card two paragraphs. Passwords, card machine card, the password to open the door. Open the door way. CU - entrance guard controller K25 touch key, offer contact phone number 13501396598. Discount is on. Open three ways: read additional password card to open the door, the password to open the door, open the door, look forward fashion, using capacitive touch sensitive buttons, high-grade backlighting. Signal output Wiegand26 format, as a card reader to use networking entrance guard system. CU - entrance guard controller K68/CU- K68m, the difference between the digital and the digital, the non-contact induction card entrance guard controller is one of the modern advanced entrance guard system, should feel additional password card to open the door, the induction card to open the door open, password, three methods to open the door, can be used when the reader output wiggins 26 signals, automatic output dry protection. Have attendance access control CU - entrance guard SK90 access control attendance machine a set of equipment price is 460 yuan, attendance access control is in addition to the functions of entrance guard also attendance this entrance guard controller good appearance, easy operation, complete function, the storage capacity of 8000 records, 1000 user card, RS485 bus network, wiring simple, practical, and 16 sets up networking system automatically adjust time, automatically download data and statistical results of check on work attendance, automatically generate a variety of automatic attendance report. Have the detailed specification, access control attendance software and complete functions. Than that of CU - SK90 CU - of access control attendance machine better SK98 550 yuan each, door machine + access control power supply, door locks, door switch, entrance card, 780 yuan, as well as installation and debugging a product needs to be installed can be 300 yuan, Beijing the door installation. Each product inside have entrance guard installation wiring diagram, customers can install on your own. Including access control attendance machine 2000 traffic records, 2000 user card, 100 visitor card, communications, industrial bus interface RS485 network transmission rate: 19. 200 BPS, new sneaking into function, the visitor user card function, add the traditional time clock attendance mode networking entrance guard system of check on work attendance: CU - NT100 appearance is beautiful and easy, 580 yuan, the products of a complete set of 750 yuan, if you want to install to add 300 yuan, 1050 can be installed a set of attendance access control, offer times feeling is strong, with advanced technology for touch keys. LED digital tube display, can display the current time and reading card, display card, using industry pioneering advanced touch screen design, BuKa keys, noble and elegant appearance, light and easy. Storage capacity of 12000 records, 2000 pieces of user card and 100 main user card. Access control attendance CU - NT113 names according to entrance guard, price is RMB 650, 820, a complete set of entrance guard products quotation of a complete set of entrance guard installation price 1130 yuan, the door installation. Below the door installation wiring diagram, customers can install yourself, large screen LCD display, backlight is adjustable, electronic announcement and modify screen display system with Chinese menu, off-line operation, human nature setting, storage capacity of 50000 article pass record, 5000 user card, 100 main user card, can be set freely read card to open the door, card and password and three CARDS or passwords to open the door to open the door model, normally open, normally closed, holiday restrictions three control modes. Access control attendance CU - F360T: the top door access control fingerprint card, password, attendance usb download fully functional entrance guard, LCD display in both Chinese and English, freely switch, offline operation, with the function of usb download fingerprints and data. Fingerprints, RFID card, password three way to open the door. Intelligent system menu, can switch freely at any time, can be off-line operation, detailed design, storage capacity of 64000 records, 2000 fingerprints, 2000 copies of ID card, 2000 passwords, fingerprint using the world's most advanced FFIV1. Five algorithms and intelligent learning and automatic repair technology, fingerprint characteristic of dry, wet, wear and tear, injuries, peeling of fingerprint enhancement.
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