How mold molding metal dress

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
Metal clothes peg injection/compression molding mold injection/compression molding can produce low stress. Optical performance good products, and its technological process for the mould clamping ( But the fixed mode is not closed completely, leave a gap for later compression) , into the melt, secondary clamping ( The compression makes the melt in die is compaction) , cooling, open mold, mold release. In metal mold design should pay attention to the clothes hook is due to the mould is not completely closed, at the beginning of the clamping injections in order to prevent the material overflow, in the mold to prevent material overflow structure design. Push-pull molding around the metal mold cavity clothes hook to open two or more channels, and with two or more injection device or reciprocating movement of the piston is linked together, after completion of the injection melt before curing, injection device of screw and piston moves back and forth reciprocating push-pull melt in cavity, this technique is called dynamic pressure technology, its purpose is to avoid using traditional molding method thick products can make a big shrinkage problem, high pressure molding shell products, thin shell products is generally long process than products, many of MPF gate mould, but more into water can cause welding seam, for some transparent products will influence the visual effect, a single point into the water and not easy to full of cavity, so the high pressure molding technology can be used in molding, such as the United States air force, F fighter cockpit is to use the technology to production, are now using this technology to produce PC car windshields, injection pressure of high pressure molding, generally more than MPA, so the metal mold material also should choose clothes hook Gao Qianggang high young's modulus, high pressure forming is the key to mould temperature control, in addition to pay attention to cavity exhaust must be well. Otherwise, high-speed injection lead to poor exhaust will be burnt metal clothes.
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