how apple homekit is already changing the smart home industry

by:DIgao     2020-05-28
At Apple\'s developer conference this year, the mysterious tech giant took less than a minute and a half to release its iOS-
Protocol-based connection to gadgets at home.
But after 90 seconds, all start-ups and hardware manufacturers need to start working on ways to fit the overall planning of Apple\'s home.
Velvetwire is one of the companies.
Santa Cruz hotels California
The company produces Powerslayer, a USB charger that can track the power supply in the device and turn off the charger to make sure it doesn\'t waste power.
The company used to be part of the popular wireless technology protocol ZigBee in smart home devices, but once the small startup first heard the wind about Apple\'s home kit, the company decided to switch to Bluetooth low energy, this is the wireless technology that Apple will use to connect devices in HomeKit.
\"Apple has made it clear that they will accept being a tool for communication between these devices,\" Eric bodenar, co-founder and CEO of Velvetwire, told me.
\"This is a change in the field.
There was finally a dominant player.
\"Many smart home companies and devices have come and gone over the past few decades, as have many wireless standards.
So it\'s almost impossible to have these devices talk to each other.
This is not an ideal situation for consumers or manufacturers.
But now the industry has developed some interest in gadget geeks --
With design products like Nest Learning thermostats and August smart locks, we \'ve seen more efforts to make it easier for these devices to communicate with each other and standardize the format.
In this shift, Apple and Google, the two dominant technology players, are trying to lock in their influence.
As Apple has made it clear, its vision for connected homes is at Wi-
Google wireless and Bluetooth
Nest announced its own wireless protocol for connecting devices on July.
The protocol uses the same RF and technology as ZigBee, called Thread.
Nest has also developed an API program so that other devices can interact with their products.
\"It looks like we have another trench war --another VHS-
\"Betamax war.
\"The Android community is moving forward through Nest, and Apple will move in another direction through HomeKit.
From my point of view, Apple\'s solution is a little better.
According to Bodnar, appleis seems to be considering its strategy more fully so far.
For the past few years, Apple has been embedding Bluetooth radios in iPhones, laptops, tablets and Apple TV.
By installing Bluetooth in all of these Apple products, they can act as a bridge to these smart devices when you are away.
So, when you are not at home, you can turn on all connected lights through your iPhone.
Applealso also has a full certification program built around the HomeKit protocol and participants have to make their gadgets very simple for consumers.
It also forces each device in the environment to run in some way so that all devices can easily communicate with each other in the application.
\"Apple is very strict ---
They have hundreds of certified apps, \"said Max IME Veron, head of product marketing at Nest on the phone.
\"Google, on the other hand, is more about anyone who wants to play can.
Nest is trying to track the middle of the road where there are release partners.
Of course, Nest is not involved in Apple\'s HomeKit program.
\"No, we have our \'work with Nest \'developer project,\" a Nest spokesperson told me . \".
Velvetwire plans to create its own app in HomeKit, But Bodnar expects that all the companies we \'ve never had before are just dedicated to a unified smart home experience through the HomeKit environment
So what\'s going on with Apple?
We have yet to see if Apple has any serious plans to create its own smart home hardware ---
Despite rumors.
But even if we can\'t see the Apple
In the near future, this is still a good way to sell more smartphones.
\"Once you\'re attracted so far away, that\'s another reason why everyone keeps buying iPhones,\" Bodnar speculated . \".
\"Samsung has lost market share and more people are buying iPhones for a unified smart home experience.
\"Samsung also didn\'t put the battle on hold, as did last month\'s acquisition of SmartThings, a startup that offers hardware centers and cloud platforms, offering multiple wireless standards for hundreds of connected gadgets to talk to each other.
Now the tech giants are putting their bets on the ground and it will be interesting to see which side the hardware manufacturer chooses.
\"We \'ve always wanted to be on connected devices, but we\'re just waiting for big players to come forward,\" said Jennifer Lee.
Founder and COO of Velvetwire.
\"This is a big bet.
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