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by:DIgao     2020-07-16
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in choosing a cupboard door shake handshandle is what material, ceramic in the eyes of many people is high. Its advantage is obvious, that is, surface smooth and bright and clean, and the use of ceramics in cupboard door shake handshandle, a whole new experience can give a hand, when the hand touch is very fine and smooth, qing, cases. The making craft of it is that much more varied. Can design freely according to his be fond of design and style, is a very suitable for decorative household items. So what cupboard door handle material is good, you can go to experience the full ceramic material the shake handshandle of
the wardrobe door shake handshandle of good quality ceramic, hardness is very high, feel is also very good, is not easy oxidation, at the same time, acid-proof alkali resistance and corrosion resistance ability is also very strong.
furniture at ordinary times will be affected by dust appearance and cleanliness, so also need to pay attention to removing dust regularly at ordinary times, can't leak when clean the handle this critical parts. To some of the chemicals can destroy the enamel coating on the surface of the handle, which affects the glossiness of ceramic handle, will also reduce the service life of shake handshandle, so should avoid the use of chemical reagents to scrub of shake handshandle, using a clean towel. If some families used to wipe the handle to remove the stains with soap and water clean, wipe with soap and water in after should remember dry wipe with clean towel, when use, should put light, light, should not use brute force, lest cause damage and destruction to shake handshandle.
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