House Works: Building fine furniture with cheap lumber

by:DIgao     2020-08-12
I am always surprised and happy to see that some ordinary people still like to build furniture with Wood just for fun.
Now there\'s so much digital interference in the world that I\'m worried about
Creativity may disappear.
In fact, this is not a good thing, but there is something better for us Canadians.
We can get quality wood, a neglected option or even an economic price.
The craziest thing is that even experienced carpentry does not always recognize the special source of this cheap, quality furniture wood.
Next time you go to the lumberjack, take a closer look at the wide planks used to build the house.
The piles of 2x8 s, 2x10 s and 2x12 s include some great planks-the wood is more worth it than just hiding in a house somewhere.
The best boards must come from huge, ancient trees, because the rings are tight and the grains are interesting, and about 16 feet boards are barely knotted.
For the first time in late 1980, I noticed this amazing wood, so I began to ask why more experienced carpentry did not build fine furniture with framed wood.
\"This Wood does not need a good finish,\" some warned . \".
Others will tell me that \"frame wood is too twisted \".
They would say, \"it\'s ugly,\" which surprised anyone, and they would even consider using spruce, pine or fir building wood in a fine carpentry project.
These opinions are always strong, but never quite convincing to me.
After decades of experience, I can now say with certainty that any bias towards the construction of fine furniture with framed wood is not true.
If you choose the board carefully and then combine the wood to flat like any expensive, rough hard wood, you will get great results.
But what is surprising is how people insist on misconceptions.
I remembered the fact earlier this year because I made a YouTube video in 2010.
When I made this video, my photographer followed me to a logging ground, where I went through the steps of choosing frame wood for a fine furniture project.
For some reason, the video didn\'t get a lot of viewing until it started playing earlier this year.
At the moment, this is my most popular video, about 75,000 views per month, but with the increase in traffic, there are skeptical comments.
They reminded me of the warning I got when I first asked experienced carpenters to make fine furniture with framed wood.
This is one of the cases when the opinions are clearly deviated from things in real time.
So, what is the fact of frame wood? A glass that can be invited-smooth finish.
It does not twist or twist if the choice is good and it works fine.
What is the cost of frame wood a small part of furniture
The grade of hard wood is also sold.
If you would like to try fine carpentry with cheap frame wood, check out a detailed article I wrote on this issue.
It addresses all the unfounded fears that the YouTube video reminds me of, and includes information and photos about selecting a single board, processing moisture, and processing frame wood for refining projects.
This article also includes a free downloadable plan for a bed laying project I built with framed wood published in the Canadian family workshop magazine.
Leonard Lee, founder of Lee Valley Tools, once told me that he believes Canada has the most concentrated skilled carpentry in the world. I agree.
In fact, the cork wood industry still sees itself as a bulk producer of low wood
Value goods timber means that American Canadian timber workers can also get some very good wood at attractive prices.
All we need is eyes. ———
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