hotel key security flaw demonstrated at black hat conference

by:DIgao     2020-05-28
IStockphoto (CBS News)
You can judge whether the black hat safety meeting is successful by the degree of fear instilled after the demonstration.
This summer, a hacker will show how he can crack the Velcro lock with supplies worth $50.
Facebook\'s facial recognition system is why scaryBlack hat hackers can remotely attack the insulin pump and kill people. Forensics tools can expose encrypted online activities. Mozilla software developer Cody Brocious will demonstrate on Tuesday at the Black Hat USA 2012 meeting how to open the unlock lock from manufacturer Onity in seconds.
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A source gadget with a plug that can be plugged into the DC power port of the HDD lock. The 24-year-
The old hacker\'s device works on the standard Onity lock ordered online, but when testing in a hotel room in New York City, Brocious gets different results.
Brocious only opened one of the three hotel locks.
Brocious was able to complete the hacking by copying the portable programming device that the hotel staff used to assign the master key to the door.
His device is able to read data strings stored in locked memory.
\"How stupid and simple it is, I wouldn\'t be surprised if thousands of others found the same bug and sold it to other governments,\" Brocious told Forbes . \".
\"An intern at the NSA can find this in five minutes.
But the discovery of brocious is not foolproof.
One of the theories about why a hacker is not 100% successful in positioning is that the communication time between his device and Onity\'s lock is incorrect.
After the Black Hat demonstration, Brocious will publish his findings on this website, but he is not going to continue his work because of concerns that it will threaten the safety of millions of hotel guests.
An estimated 4 to 5 million hotels worldwide have Onity locks installed.
The United States Black hat 2012 conference was held in Las Vegas on July 21-26.
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