Hot news and information - the padlock When choosing smart lock first see security, look smart, three see appearance and function, let you live at ease

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
In this era of information technology, intelligent household industry developing rapidly, many families in a lot of smart home products, people to intelligent product acceptance also slowly to change. When the change of the demand in the market, many home appliance enterprise transformation, security businesses, join in this emerging market, launched a series of smart home products, further speed up the popularity of the market. Smart door lock is intelligence household under the boom was born earlier products, can that take the door, without a key control using a mobile phone can open the door, the once seen in science fiction, and now has entered into life. When a large number of people poured into the market, however, is bound to cause good and evil people mixed up, the situation of product is uneven, so for outsider's consumer, how to choose the right smart door lock? 1, appearance and function of good product design is not only in appearance, intelligence door lock belongs to the household durable goods, is supporting the use of all kinds of doors. So smart door lock design has the following several points: (1) concise and (2) practical (3) the wildcard on the market most of the door. 2, in the era of Internet of things intelligent degree and smart door lock is not just the fingerprint, password and card to open the lock of the door lock is called smart door lock. Smart door lock should be intelligent, can through the phone APP control door lock, and dock with the smart home. 3, safety is the most important part of intelligent door lock is for the convenience of people's lives, intelligence is one of, but more important is safe, can't ignore safety because of intelligence, should be to do because of intelligence, so more secure. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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