Hot news and information - the padlock Three years after the 290 billion market value will detonate market, market, policy, technology is the development of the intelligent lock key

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
Is now in the 21st century, the life of people more and more rich, more and more entertainment products, the rhythm gradually accelerated now, people in order to convenient, smart home more and more popular. Big data show that as of this year, intelligent household maintained a 20% annual growth, rapid development, is expected to be the size of the market in 2021 will exceed 290 billion yuan! Intelligent as intelligent household door lock that first 'off', linked to the overall smart home system; The market at present, according to incomplete statistics, China already has 1129 intelligent lock enterprise, now more than 2800 brands, the indications are that belongs to the billions of intelligent lock tuyere is looming. And many industry giants into intelligent lock market, for the act. So what is how make smart home, intelligent lock market so hot? Small make up think, smart home, intelligent lock form a pattern of today's hottest inseparable from the three core elements: market, policy and technology. To market factors, first of all, we focus on market factors. According to statistics, about 4 in our country. 600 million households, in the urban population is concentrated, about 20% of the population is given priority to with rent, rental rate is as high as 40% of first-tier cities; From the perspective of urban development and urban resources, the future is expected to more than 50% the proportion of rental. The special circumstances, can accelerate the existing rental housing and public housing, apartments under construction demand for intelligent lock. In addition, received a good education, and at the same time have a high acceptance of group will be the first to complete intelligent lock consumer education, become smart locks the main force of consumer, first to enjoy the convenience of smart home; Statistics show, at present in our country, there are more than 70 million enterprises of all kinds of medium, and presents the trend of steady rise year by year, and enterprises of all kinds of office demand for intelligent lock forecast of 70 million the number of times, the potential is very considerable. Comprehensive above, it can be said that the only hotel rooms, urban residential buildings, and corporate office three smart lock is very considerable market potential demand, giant companies in the big cake, competition for intelligent lock the battlefield, it is not surprising. Policy factors at present, our country is in a period of accelerated development of urbanization, the future city will carry more and more people, facing the development of the serious problems. Solve urban development problem, and so as to realize the urban sustainable development, the construction of intelligent city has become a trend of the development of cities today. With the rise of intelligent city, intelligent security is to improve the construction need, security technology and gradually strengthen the connection between the Internet provides the intelligent lock development opportunity. Domestic 'wisdom city' construction in recent years, a great extent is developed by the security system, security is the foundation of wisdom city construction, so to speak. Technical factors as is known to all, the Internet of things technology has been widely used in the field, and get good grades. Now the Internet of things technology and artificial intelligence is perpendicular to the application field, accelerate the impacts on the development of intelligent lock, holds up the development of intelligent locks technology development path. And smart locks enterprise in the output products at the same time, also spread the intelligent life health concept, relying on various black science and technology, constantly send force to solve the pain points of consumer, based on quality, meet the needs of users is growing. While the iteration in new technology is also frequently lighting consumption enthusiasm and passion of industry competition. Convenient life is born smart home's vision, and the liberation of body and mind is the ultimate goal of intelligent life, whether a variety of factors such as market, policy, technology, to the last is the same: science and technology change life, intelligent life make people more easily, make the city a better place! Dragon at hkust and smart home, relying on science and technology of China university of technology research and development achievements transformation, and hkust fly top voice intelligence, develop exclusive smart home solutions, without changing equipment at the same time, work together to do all kinds of home appliance, greatly reduces the cost, let thousands of ordinary families into the era of intelligent life. In the terminal market established a good reputation, market prospects, welcome the aspirants to come to visit. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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