Hot news and information - the padlock South Korea's 'big' smart lock expansion in China, to be able to compete with samsung locks, safe and durable, the second choice

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
Speaking of intelligent lock everyone should not unfamiliar, even if 'have never seen a pork also should see the pig run', today's TV more or less have some about the intelligent lock plot. Today's smart lock brands on the market very much, domestic, import, and often appear in han drama of samsung smart locks, LocoRoco smart locks, etc. , are all very famous brand in South Korea. As in South Korea can be comparable to those of samsung smart lock brands, lok lok smart locks in China this year, for the people has brought more high-end, convenient and safe intelligent lock experience. LOCOROCO is representative of the republic of Korea KS intelligent electronic locks professional enterprises, has been constantly think global household security areas provide higher security as the goal, and in constant innovation of science and technology and the layout of globalization. Since founded in 1970, lok lok has been developing new lock, mechanical lock to today's advanced intelligent electronic locks, witnessed the development of the lock, it has become the important force to promote the development of lock classes. At present, lok lok launched by high-end fingerprint locks, trick lock, the lock classes including magnetic card lock, glass door, sliding door lock, lock, etc. Although these types of lock each are not identical, but neither achieved the best from the quality and process. Lok electronic lock, from grinding to the installation, check the program, through strict indicators and steps, also because of such efforts, to let the LocoRoco became the first in the field of domestic intelligent lock for KS national specification authentication brand. Nowadays, the domestic, LocoRoco already in South Korea have a lot of stores. And lok lok in China after the lock for the Chinese the first lock, fingerprint lock is patented. Has an adaptive fingers pressed key patent brand, only when the object has a certain degree of permittivity of press will have a response, if an intruder used a stick, tools, such as no capacitance of the object to open the door, lock won't appear any response. At the same time, it is also the first with six different way to open the smart door lock, is the latest product, lok lok can bring to the home better security. For a lock, the security is very important, but durability is also consider an indicator of whether it is worth buying. LOCOROCO in adopted in the production of various types of lock, the electronic workshop for each test, to ensure the quality of the lock. Lok lok produces high durability of die-casting lock body can tolerate the high temperature of 700 degrees and buffer external shocks. High durability of the components easily by electric shock experiments, achieve the function of electromagnetic interference. At the same time, lok lok smart lock appearance by painting and plating for many times, to ensure the best color and durability, through the high and low temperature, rain, condensation test in various environments, fade, color won't happen. And set up the comprehensive fire prevention framework, IC certification by South Korea. As a new high-end intelligent electronic locks, the emergence of the LOCOROCO, brought more convenient for people to experience, it not only can effectively improve the safety of the life that occupy the home, more able to improve the convenience of people's life. At the same time, its durability is doomed is a lock that stand the test of time, can provide people with more long-term service. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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