Hot news and information - the padlock Smart locks threshold is relatively low compared with other intelligent products, consumers more widely

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
Smart home, home electric light, TV, air conditioning and so on can be almost all mobile control, smart home is an exclusive of the rich, is the symbol of status, in recent years, intelligent locks release got more recognition, the threshold of the intelligent people pursuit is not so high, intelligent locks the market threshold is low, average household can be accepted, intelligent locks for ordinary citizens enjoy intelligent security and convenience. Thousands of yuan intelligent device locks popular intelligent lock necessary? What are the ways now smart locks in the market place? West pass intelligent household mall director Zhang Lijun tells a reporter, now go out people will often forget to bring my keys, however, don't forget to bring mobile phone, now smart locks can use mobile phones, if mom and dad, friends come over oneself again at work, or kids forgot my keys at home, to be able to use bluetooth skills, use a smart phone Shared virtual keys to open the door to his family. According to remit tyrone hardware brand director liudong, now in the market place smart locks mainly include wireless doorbell smart locks, and other organisms to identify the lock. Intelligent lock for latest skills but also has such alarm, mobile telephone lock and unlock message tell home defense functions of high degree of safety. Intelligent lock in what price? The reporter understands to visit guangzhou market, market price about several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Recently, the European sales No smart lock. 1 'Danalock' into our country, with fashionable new product greatly reduces the intelligent lock bar. Agent west pass intelligent household May 27th issued BT125 new product, the price of 1699 yuan, in addition to the product of intelligent mobile phone long distance control door lock, also equipped with traditional keys and small keyboard, can let I can't use smart mobile phones of your children and the aged need to open a door lock, keypad can be set up device outside combination lock, input 4 ~ 10 digit combination that is able to open a door lock. Intelligent lock market space is huge from the point of civil locks mall now, most of the family unit is cross lock, crescent lock, liuhe lock anti-theft lock, the users of smart locks are mostly is senior hotel, apartment and villa, general home users share less than 2%. Data show that global intelligent lock with annual sales of $3. 5 billion, in Japan and South Korea, intelligent lock accounted for more than 70% of the country's civil lock market, apply of South Korea's apartment intelligence lock rate is as high as 90%, Europe and the United States intelligence lock also accounted for 50% to civil locks in the mall. So, our country's intelligent lock and a big shopping mall space. Lock in guangdong province association secretary-general jian-qiang he showed that in the Internet s, smart home is an irreversible trend, and smart locks and intelligent household entry-level products, consumers must not plant a full set of intelligent household system, intelligent lock device to ensure safety and lunch is very necessary, it also fits the moment after the 80, 90, after the main group of science and technology, modern day requirements. Padlock is concerned, the everyone is a focus on Chinese library's padlock electric business platform, focus on the upstream and downstream of the country's all quality goods procurement, quality goods wholesale enterprises. Provide consumers with professional padlock trading platform and information, has rich resources of the padlock. Basically can guarantee the quality of the padlock. So I want to focus on more padlock news please come here! The above information from: url
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