Hot news and information - the padlock Prevent password leaked, new technology of intelligent lock: virtual password techniques, to let you do not have trouble back at home away from home

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Now, the password used in our daily life has been inseparable, such as mobile phone lock screen password, the lock screen of computer password, even some of the home intelligent lock have the use of a password, but it really security to lock the door? There are many means of deciphering codes, this happen and what should I do? For combination lock, some users have raised the question: the secret of the combination lock is fixed, if at the time of open the door, have the thief hid himself in the corner, peeping down several times, secretly took down my password combination lock push order, so, next time I'm not, he can easily burglary. That sounds really bad, for users of these fears, fuller intelligent fingerprint door lock out safer 'phantom password technology', completely solve peeping password hidden trouble. Speaking of 'phantom password technology', you must also have don't understand, is in the correct password before and after and arbitrary digit Numbers, as long as there is for the correct password to open the door, so it can effectively prevent the password leakage. Just change the real password or order, or before and after the middle insert multiple digital can realize the lock. Correct password if it is 123456, for example, when input can join ( 8) ( 6) ( 7) 123456 ( 0) ( 2) ( 3) Brackets to join any other Numbers. Phantom password than fixed password, its security level is higher, harder to see, so the password reveal that risk is smaller. Increased at length, every time a change in input password, can greatly increase the security of the password, the thief or burglar harder to get the real passwords. False password security is relative, therefore, when the user input and more trouble, slightly increased input efficiency and difficulty, but keep in mind that if the original password, these small problems can be ignored. The safety of the combination lock is not high, therefore, the fingerprint lock or other biometric smart lock is at the heart of the fingerprint lock or other identification, password lock, generally as a side function, biometric security is higher, is also one of the important development direction of intelligent lock. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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