Hot news and information - the padlock Orange peels can actually pay fingerprint unlock?

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Recently, a paper entitled 'a piece of orange peel will be able to run your phone seconds fingerprint lock can also transfer payment' articles and video on the Internet has caused wide public concern, reports on the CCTV as well. Show in the video, as long as through very simple tools such as tape, conductive stylus can complete mobile fingerprint unlock cracking. At the same time some of the CCTV report the phone fell and cracked fingerprint sensor, then who can unlock the phone. Orange peel to unlock, cracked or fingerprint module scenarios such as cracking fingerprints are two key points: one is in the mobile fingerprint sensor with a sticker (with conductive coating adhesive tape or fingerprint Including the fingerprint sensor and crack) ; Second, after affix fingerprint film, owners need to cooperate to verify the original fingerprint information many times. In simple terms, if your phone has been in his own hands, no hands moved ahead of others, even if lost can't use orange peel to unlock.
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