Hot news and information - the padlock Now all the new technology, the exhibition are introduced intelligent lock, why to China intelligent lock is not common now

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
Now is intelligent technology era, had to go out when we want to take three pieces of treasure 'mobile phone, wallet, keys, but with the development of science and technology, in recent years, the wallet has been phone instead. Now also upgrade became the triple gem 'smart phones, mobile payment, intelligent lock'. Now, however, smart phones and mobile payment has achieved widespread popularization, the permeability of the intelligent lock in China is less than 5%. At the same time, the south Korean intelligence lock permeability has amounted to 80%, by 2020, permeability of Chinese intelligent lock also can only achieve the 19th. 75%, while significantly reducing the gap with South Korea and other overseas markets, but to catch up with the journey is still a long way to go. Why smart locks in the domestic popularity progress so slowly, consumers don't buy what is the cause of the intelligent lock? Cognitive deficiency of intelligent lock of intelligent lock the entrance to a smart home, is an emerging industry, at present a lot of consumer's perception of the intelligent lock also stay in its only, do not know it was the state. Only a handful of young users have developed economic regions real experience. According to the survey, more than 90% of users do not know what brand is the smart locks, less than 10% of users can barely speak one or two brands. Although many smart lock brands have certain popularity in the industry and industrial field, but it is not known by consumers. People to understand unfamiliar things often have a kind of natural resistance, in the face of unfamiliar intelligent lock also can produce concerns and alert mentality, lack of awareness of consumers for smart locks, to some extent hindered the adoption rate of smart locks, this requires enterprise and industry on the market cultivation and promotion, in order to improve the recognition of users for smart lock. Think the price is on the high side, low ratio of another Chinese intelligent lock the shackles of popularization slowly is price. Habit for a few yuan mechanical lock for domestic consumers, smart enough to buy dozens of thousands of yuan price lock lock machine. Moreover, most of the intelligent lock the price on the market at present in 2000 - — 5000 yuan, some imported smart locks and domestic a line brand smart locks and the price is in 5000 yuan or more. Compared with the price gap, intelligent locks the advantage of fingerprint identification, and other functions will be weakened. Combined with a lot of smart locks and door factory design did not fit each other, the user wants to buy smart locks need to door factory installation and debugging, installation and debugging cost increase, the user's purchase intention decreases. Know very little about intelligent door locks, there are security concerns by understanding the needs of the consumers, it is easy to found that most consumers do not know much about the principle of biological recognition technology behind the locks, the user is more interested in the safety and convenience of intelligent door locks. That the manufacturer said one refers to the vein recognition, face recognition, iris technology and so on tend to be thought of as a publicity stunt and selling point, have no practical effect. Due to know very little about technology, increased suspicion of security. Recently a tesla coil intelligent seconds to unlock a wide range of information exposure, industry inside and outside the uproar, suddenly on the subject of intelligent security lock very loud, dust. In this context, how to guarantee the safety and convenience of intelligent door locks, how to pass to consumer safety concept is particularly important. Satisfied with the after-sale service is not enough smart lock compared with the traditional mechanical lock is an emerging high-tech security products, must be installed by professional personnel to ensure the normal use of products. Yet status quo is lagging in small and medium-sized enterprise after-sale installation services, on-site installation services to keep pace with, enterprise after landing. Installed 'no professional teacher, nice to use, also won't out of the problem is nobody's business' as three mountain that stand between the user and the enterprise. In addition, users of smart lock after-sale is a 'zero tolerance', problems must be solved for the first time the door. The service response time is also a test of enterprise. Investigate its fundamental, is the enterprise to set up in different areas of the after-sale service outlets, require a lot of money and logistical support, only a handful of powerful companies can do that. Most small and medium-sized enterprises are temporary hiring local master lock for installation, after-sales service to ensure. Imagine that consumers buy expensive price smart locks, but can not get good after-sales service, is not comfortable to use, who will be willing to buy? Intelligent lock installed as a heavy industry, swallow the after-sale services and short board should not be ignored. Intelligent lock market hot behind by about 3 in China. 500 million family support, smart lock installed quantity per 5% increased, can bring 17. 5 million sales, generating about $14 billion in sales. Enterprise value is the market potential, the consumer focused on security and convenience of using intelligent lock, and both the symbiosis. Only the consumers have a good shopping experience, C the market to get through, intelligent lock market it really can fire burning. Want to know more information about locks, welcome the attention
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