Hot news and information - the padlock Mobile fingerprint lock is seconds! Your 'mobile money' is safe?

by:DIgao     2020-06-12
Streets in nanning, the reporter sees almost every mobile phone, balance of payment to be commonly used mobile phone function, mobile phone is another 'purse', so to speak. In order to ensure the safety of mobile phones, many people would give their mobile phone more than a few locks. Is like a fingerprint to unlock, I'll use pattern unlock that set too complicated. 】 Fingerprint is each person unique identity, so WeiJing said fingerprint unlock is now a lot of people are very reliable one way to unlock. Recent media reports, however, with the orange peel can understand mobile fingerprint lock, mobile payment can also buy things. In this period of investigation in the video, in addition to break with conductive coating pen mobile fingerprint password, another hit of 'artifact' on the market - — The fingerprint can crack mobile fingerprint lock. The reporter discovery, the fingerprints on the a lot of online shopping platform have sales, and the price is not high. So, single is very important in the mobile phone insurance is less secure. 【 Pay treasure to security department staff have some precautions can I do now? There are currently no. You need to do, the first is to report the loss of my account. 】 Reporter WeChat pay end in payment, pop-up directly fill in payment password, no tip 'forgot password'. But professionals to remind: if there is no wipe the phone's screen, the delinquents also could use a little trick, by remaining on the screen of the payment of fingerprints to get your password. In addition, the strange phone received text messages, links, may also be a 'trap' of hackers.
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