Hot news and information - the padlock Intelligent security lock: National Day out to see mountain see the sea to see the world, at home have a lock on our escort

by:DIgao     2020-06-13
National Day the long vacation is the longest in a year in addition to the Spring Festival holiday, believe that as early as one month before the National Day everyone will seven-day holiday how are planned, back bags come away with his family to a said the trip. But when you along the highway, leaning on the window, looking at the scenery is, would you be thinking of empty home, lock the lock? 7 nature and man is not at home, the home is ok? National Day the long vacation is over, can you tell me you of drive travel, appreciate the people of sichuan mountain car? According to the comprehensive tourism culture and tourism departments and the data provided by the online travel service, by the China tourism academy, 1 National Day holiday 4, 5 national reception of domestic tourists. 0. 2 billion person-time, domestic tourism income of 416. 9 billion yuan, year-on-year growth in both above eight percent. Looking at the data, sincere regrets, cross the truth. which, near and far are all human, besides, there are a lot of big brother still stuck on the highway, before to travel scenic spot consumption. Have to say, a year in addition to the Spring Festival, National Day holiday can realize out to see the world in the mood. However, on the way through most of the time for this holiday, hungry belly was fine, is just to lose weight, but when you see the view in high speed, will think of their lock whether is ok? During the National Day travel portal theft case keeps happening every year, that we should how to avoid? (1) the traditional lock times already cannot satisfy the demand with the era of 'everything is possible' to describe the present a little too much, not can't do is only limited. When we think street shopping both time-consuming and laborious, ma taobao and Tmall appeared; When we think of travelling, bleep, Shared bicycle appeared; All the emergence of new technology is to change people's life quality. Now, we have higher income, to all aspects of the requirements are raised, but also a lot of people to forget to bring my keys, and worrying about losing keys; Still out of town, the old man in the home, children have peace in and out of the house and worry every day; And these problems, the traditional lock has already can't give you the answer, but you can use a smart lock help you easy to solve. (2) wang li smart locks, a more understand your security steward wang li smart locks for several years to gain 'smart lock top ten brands' honor, is the world a new generation of high-end security smart locks, not only safe, convenient and durable, and have the appearance of the high-end atmosphere design, loved by consumers, trustworthy. More than four rows of double poor billiard lock structure, double row middle cross T marbles, shielded structure lock core, makes the thief. Cylinder explosion proof lock, 360 ° stainless steel stronger safer, like compression, the supranational level A lock technology open time standard 360 times. 99% of all smart locks are on the market at present password and ordinary smart locks, fingerprint lock anti-theft safety loophole. But wang li 35 core security invention patents, intelligent lock has one of the original three separation technology, even in violent evictions, also only in vain, let the home have multiple protection. In addition, vacations or on a business trip for a long time, do not affect you keep track of the portal, and mobile phone APP interconnected, anytime, anywhere to monitor home security, tie-in and close the door is locked double anti-theft lock body, make you more at ease, having more time, a lock in the hand, say come away. Want to know more information about locks, welcome to: http://gscyw. 99114. com
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